Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Full of life and attitude

Bro at B's (Imp's friend) place:

B: Oh! It's you!! ......Why have you come alone? I told you to bring Imp? so why did you not bring her?

Bro, shocked at her tone... manages to mumble... will bring her tomorrow ... ok... promise.

B: Good.

There are few days when I pick up and drop B home from school... yes both of them go to the same school

Me: Enjoyed school today?

B: Yes. Casually asks me... I thought you were supposed to get her home? (this after 3 days of meeting every evening and after school playing)

Its always a tough time for me and their school teachers when I have to pick up the imp, as both want to go home together... doesn't matter whose home, just as long as they are together. Its a different thing that after 2-3 hours pf playing both have drawn their daggers and are fighting for that small chair to sit or the brownie to be finished...no they are not fighting for the last one...just that Imp likes to relish her brownies and B likes to wolf them down. Both are head strong, stubborn and short tempered. And cannot take no for an answer. yet when its time to leave, they want to stay together. You ask one a question and the other one will answer for her. Its really rare when they will answer questions asked to them.

And Thank god they are not in the same class! Don't even want to imagine what would happen then.


On a totally unrelated note... how to get away with murder!!! sigh.... what a total waste.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Blast from the past

Flashback 10-15 years

Summer hols were always associated with load shedding. 8 - 10 hrs, sometimes even more and all unscheduled at granny's place in a remote village in UP. We'd be surprised if we had any power supply at all. Inverters did'nt exist. Generators reserved for the night and afternoon siestas. The situation hasn't changed much now.

Cut to the present at home, Mysore.

Supposed Rainy season. No Rains, No hydro power ... unscheduled load shedding up to 8 hours, inverters crash...long forgotten gas lamps have been unearthed, generator sales; irrespective of the fuel prices have increased. KRS is dry.... bloody heart breaking, when you have had too many fun picnics there... its depressing to visit it now. Only tourists go there now, locals don't even visit that place any more.

If it wasn't for the weather, there would be no difference between the present and the past.