Thursday, July 31, 2008


Finally! yes I have my laptop back but minus the data. According to the HP center guys the OS crashed thanks to the automatic download of HP Live Update. And those service center guys are there just to fleece the public. The Bangalore guys said that we can fix it but will not take the back up, you need to go to a third party guy..who charges Rs 3000/- just for the back up. And the HP service center will take 1000/- to re-format and to de-fragment the disk you have to buy the software which costs about 4000/-. The Mysore HP service center says we need to buy the external hard drive available just for 3,600/- to copy the data. What kind of service centers are these? they do no have external hard drives to take back ups! Only after this did we start contacting friends who could help out. Turns out, you do not need to defragment the drive anymore. All the sys files are saved in the D drive and the C drive is the place to store all the files. And the HP laptops are configured in such a way that even with the software you cannot defragment the drives! Don't the service center guys know this? Why cant they just be helpful in the real sense.

Lesson Learnt: NEVER ever go to the service centre. Instead turn to your firends, it helps to know some who can work the hardware of a sys. And do not store files on the desktop ever, instead save them on the C drive.

The Flip Side, I had an awsome break. No work, No play time on the comp and all my time with my daughter and me. Fell sick, travelled to B'lore, read a ton of books, watched the pirated version of Janne tu and fell in love it it. Am so watching it again..wait I am going to buy the DVD when it releases.

Also picked out the school for my Angel. This was the first school I saw and fell in love with it. Its a Montesori Play School, in a quaint neighbourhood, great play area and clean classes. The biggest plus point, they are careful of the kids diets and their restrictions. Since my kiddo is Lactose and Wheat Intolerant, I needed a school which would keep a check on it and be careful during snack times, since children are always more curios and want what the other kid has. And this school has experience in dealing with such kids. Now just have to wait for her to turn 2.5 years. They do not take them earlier. Oh and they also have this really cute and well behaved dog who Angel just fell in love with instantly. yes I visited the school with her and she remembers the dog very well. On our second visit, she kept looking all over for him.

Another thing I noticed here, was that the children are very well behaved. They do not push, fight or yell. It was a really calm and quiet play time. there is slight bullying,which is natural but nothing to the extremes where one kid is pushing the other or fighting or hitting the other kid. they also have a really cute tree house. Looking at all this left my bro and me wishing us to be kids again. So now we go to this school once or twice a week, during play time to familiarise her with the school and the children.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Over and Out!

So here I am doing my work as usual, have tons to finish. my kiddo is sleeping and my system crashes, without warning..kaput..just like that.

And here I am typing this from an internet parlor as I'm simply addicted to the net and missing blogging like hell..I just cant stay away. In-spite of the crazy keyboard

I miss reading other blogs, commenting on them and chatting with my friends. I do not miss my work.. but that is natural ain't it?

Hopefully will be back soon..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What is it with people, aunties, uncles, total strangers, all offering advice and asking me inane questions!! 

Beta you should not be breast feeding her still. It is not enough..Children bite and well you should not. Hello!! She has teeth and has not bitten me even once. And yes I know it is not enough, but it is her top comfort food right now and all of us have our comfort foods, so why not my daughter? And I will wean her off naturally, thank you very much.  

Oh my god! She is so fair! Or you are really lucky she is sooo fair..Or Is your husband fair? NO NO Not me nor my husband (ex) are fair, but hell can she not resemble other members of my family? And these are my relatives asking this stupid question. Lucky??!! 

You haven't given her sweets yet!! Not introduced her to sugar?? What about salt? I don't see any reason why I should introduce her to sugar or chocolates. Its too early. And a doc asking me this question is really dumb. Its scientifically proven that if you do not introduce salt and sugar for the first 3 years, the kidneys develop really well and sugar makes the kids hyperactive. They seem to derive some perverse satisfaction that I have introduced salt only because my kiddo happened to sample idli's and loved it. 

OMG you do not give her cows milk? What do you give her then? Again scientifically proven that cows milk should not be introduced for the first 2 years and with all the cows being injected with hormones and my kiddo is lactose intolerant any ways  

What do you feed her to make her cheeks so round? Guess that its genetic didn't occur to any of them! 

Why has she lost so much weight? Aren't you feeding her properly? you have kept her on only rice diet that is why she is not putting on weight. Yea Right! She is growing, has started walking running and grown tall, quite obvious she will loose weight. And I do not want a chubby obese child, rather a healthy one. 

I am going to pinch her cheeks whenever I meet her. Make sure you are around cause I know she is going to cry. Bah!! I'd like to ask you know if you do the same to your 2 month old grand child now.. 

The only consolation that I have is that none of my generation are asking such stupid questions, its only the elders of the previous generations questioning me. And they don't spare my mum either!