Saturday, May 30, 2009

TAG New Age Bras

Suki suggested, I encouraged and the tag was created.

Here's the tag - if you could incorporate any custom feature into a bra, what would it be?

I'd love a coolant feature...esp during the smoldering heat!

Feel free to take it up, just let me know, or leave it in the comments and I'll update the post here.


Sara -
i think i wd want automatic air fillers.. just in case a really hot guy passes by me.. i can inflate them so at least he d notice that..

The custom bra better have emergency services. It shud beep if someone is trying to steal it. But beep ahhhhhh..sloowwlllyyy.. and niceelllyyy...and gud sensual beeepppss u know. It has to have a mini projector with windows xp loaded in it so if i hv to show a presentation..i can jus push a button...and my bra shows it screen by screen. I get promoted.
and of course it shud hv FM in it. I press it rite where I love it...and it plays my favorite radio Station with controlled music.

Solio: I would want a Gun attached to it something in the shape of those Asha Parekh ones. Women can go out anytime wearing those and any perverts or moral police attacks and gets shot. We won't need to carry any Pepper spray or learn self defense.

Given a choice, I would rather have the Bra tell about any abnormalities of the Breast tissue. So many women around me are suffering from breast cancer and are dying due to the non-detection of the same that I would rather have every single bra built in with a detection-system for breast cancer or other malignancies.

Swati: Coolants in summers and heaters in winters and raincoats during rain..what do you think ?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Age Bra's...?

As if the wonder bra wasn't enough we now have these... when I first read this, I actually had to check the date to see, if it were an April Fools Joke. Sadly it wasn't. Lingerie label Lisca have developed a Smart Memory Bra with heat sensitive foam which works out when you get all hot and bothered.

Apparently the bra reacts to changes in body temperature, supposedly du
e to sexual arousal and changes shape to push the breasts together, making them look bigger. When your body temp drops, so do the boobs and the bra adjusts cleavage accordingly.

Is it so hard to understand that body temperature does not rise only due to arousal?

Here's another bizarre one.. A Husband Hunting Bra specially created for Japan's singles market. The bra features a self set timer: "First you decide your target time or deadline until marriage and the countdown clock will start. Once you find your life partner and get engaged, you have to insert the engagement ring into the slot and the clock stops and The Wedding March begins."

Imagine wearing a ticking clock! How innovative and absolutely comfortable and of course
not psycho at all. This is Triumph keeping abreast of Japan's singles market by making a specially-designed bra for women whose biological clocks are ticking.

Some companies have way too much time and money on their hands.

Monday, May 18, 2009

When Love & Hate Collide...

Is it love or Motherhood??

I remember an aunt once saying, how her relationship with her mother improved when she became a mum.. Didn't make a lot of sense then...Lav tagged me to write 5 things that I love about being a mom. And me being me, cannot stick with just 5...

Becoming a parent is a complete lifestyle change. Its an emotional roller coaster ride. No two days are the same, everyday has its own story.

I have someone to call my own. Just Mine, who also happens to be the best person to cuddle up, a hug from her is the best medicine and play nonsensical games
and that she's a chip off the old block...

Rediscovering the little joys... the pitter patter of rain, playing with shadows, chasing butterflies...... looking at the world through her eyes...

She makes me a better person, knowing that I can change for the better.... she balances my life, in a way I never thought was ever possible. Children have a way of taking your attitude and ego and shoving it in your face, and there is nothing you can do about it.

The craziness that comes with living with a toddler. Toys all around, room forever in a mess, shoes never in their place... those visiting might hate it, but heck I love it...

The comfort, the closeness that being with a child brings. Legs on tummy, tiny palms in my face cooing contently... the heartfelt moments..

It is also the official certificate that I have grown up and I have to get out of bed everyday and early!! If it were just me, I'd be in bed the whole day... I'm lazy! There are days when she drags me out of bed...

I am who I am because of her, A mother cause she came into my life. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me.

And how could IHM not add a twist to this tag! To write about the things that I don't like about motherhood.

I miss wearing my heels. Carrying her and heels just don't go together!

I really could do without the allergies...

The tears at a drop of a hat and temper tantrums and the frustration and irritation that comes with it...

Messy hair, refusal to comb her hair

I just don't recognize my body anymore and the hormones, the lesser said about them the better! My closet is full of clothes in every size. Have never exercised in my life and now I will just have too! hmph..

Honestly I really love being a mother, the only thing that I really hate is the fear, the helplessness that comes with being a mother, always wonder what kind of a world have I brought her into? .... too much to handle.

Pass this tag on to Saakshi, Nehal, SGD, Monika and Apar ( do the love bit now). Will come back and update the links, till then if you happen to drop by, please consider yourself tagged! And anybody else who would like to take it ...fell free to do so..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home remedies and a BIG Thank you!

First off, thank you all everybody for your support. I was really upset initially more so because the big fan I am of home remedies, it meant that I would have to toughen up and get immune to her cries for them to work . And yes I managed to do both... time, patience & a stone of heart. Damn why did parenting have to be so hard! now that will make for a totally different post...

So here is what I did..

For the Cyst in her eye: Rinsing eyes with Meethi Seeds decoction is a good remedy for all eye related problems. rinsing the eyes of a toddler, was tough. After a lot of debate, using it as eye drops was the best. And after a lot of trial and error, its best to use it when the are asleep! Just pull down the lower eye lid, and voila its done. No cries. No pleadings nothing.

For her ears: Turns out that the supposed gold plated earring was made of inferior quality material and hence the infection was going bad to worse. So it was Kari pata (fresh) to the rescue. The stems have medicinal properties. Seeing is believing they say and within 6 hours there was a noticeable difference. And in 24 hours, I could actually see her pierced ear lobes without any pus or blood. The sticks would turn black, it was as though it was pulling/sucking all infection into itself. The sticks have to be replaced everyday, they shrink in size and dry out. Neem sticks cannot be used, since they rot the ears, making it a whole lot worse.

The whole operation, was done when she was sleeping. Removing, cleaning & oiling. Used Entrops on the ear lobe and the sticks too. The cyst took about a week to clear more so because, I could put those drops only during the afternoon and though her ears look ok now, have been advised to keep it going for another month.

The worst, she has sworn off earrings. She does not want to wear them. Period. Even though her ears don't pain now, I'm still not allowed to change the sticks when she is awake. I'm planning to take her to the jeweler, to shop for her new earrings, hopefully then she'd be interested again. And yes she has also become very alert during her sleep. If she feels any pain and is woken up, she looks every few minutes to see if I am in the room or not and so I am not supposed to be sleeping next to her, if I touch her eye or ear.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of Unsung Heros & Spreading the word!

She broke her blog hiatus for this... to recognize, acknowledge & spread the word about the first Indian woman to Ski both the North Pole & the South Pole in 2007.

Saraswathy(Sara) Kameswaran, skied on both the Poles in the year 2007. She was a self funded Indian from Tamilnadu. She was the First ever Indian woman to ski on both the Poles in the same year.

Without a deft agent to publicize her historic feat, Sara completed her achievement as quietly as the person she is. She is simply happy to have made it.

Skiing in the Pole is just not like skiing on the Heavenly slopes in Lake Tahoe or Aspen slopes in Colorado. You need a special combination of dream, determination and grit to brave the below zero tempratures and to carry your own food & excrements.

Now the whole web world is ablaze with a news item on Reena Kaushal - another Indian woman - as the First Indian Woman "preparing" to go to the South Pole in 2010. God bless Reena with a safe passage and completion. But, Sara already did it in 2007. You know because Reena is going with a commonwealth all women team, and she has proper planning and publicizing agent and her guide is so fiercely protective and assures that Reena is going to be the first Indian Woman - can the fact that Sara did both the Poles in 2007 be nullified?

The Indian media, even the media in Tamilnadu is not interested in talking about the First Tamil Woman who did this historic feat. People say, with access to internet, the world is at your finger tips and you can contact any one you want. This is not practically true. You can email thousands of individuals, unless they decide to read that email or respond to that mail, you do not know if your case is heard, leave alone being considered.

I am looking for a miracle to happen, so the world or at least India will know Sara did both the poles in the same year in 2007.

*the above content has been copied from Eternal Poetry . If you want to spread the news, please feel free to copy out this post on your own page, with due credit to Poetry, the owner of . Thank you!

The media has to sit up and take notice, high time...don't you think so?