Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't Drink and Drive

Its that time of the year again. When the whole world celebrates at the same time, same day and same occasion. Its the New Year!

Its also the time when the most accidents and deaths happen. And all due to drinking and driving. Bike/Car and Booze make a deadly combination during Christmas and New Year. 90% of the deaths and accidents are because of drinking and driving. Police records show that drunken driving has increased over the years - from 10,163 cases in 2003 to 24,000 cases in 2006.

I have lost 2 of my fri
ends due to this. And New years is a grim reminder of the pain borne by their family that I witnessed. I can still hear the screams of my friend's sister whenever I think of it. Its terrible. And that educated and aware people believe and behave as if they are immune to accidents, is a reality. In Dr.Bhushan Joseph's words, "Most people suffer from the syndrome: 'It can't happen to me'.

The bottom line is alcohol in the blood stream subdues the reflexes, an important neuromuscular action which protects our body. So everybody please have a safe and a happy new year. Leaving a torn, crippled family is not a way to ring in the new year. Its not something that you can undo, but yes we can choose NOT to Drink and Drive and be safe so that we can spend many more new years together with our loved ones.

Wish you all a very Happy, Safe and a Prosperous New Year!

Image Courtesy: Fotosearch

Just another day

"Had no option but to kill her." wtf?

Watching the news last night, left me stumped at Rohit's confession. In a fit of anger during an argument with his wife, he tried to gag her and then his arm went around her neck and she strangulated. Then he puts her in a suitcase and disposes of it close to his home. All this because she pushed him? What was this man thinking? Looks to me that he just wanted to shut her up and managed to do so, only permanently.

Archana had filed for divorce on grounds of domestic violence and harassment.
They were apparently working on their marriage and had just gotten back together after a 2 year separation.

What struck me most was his behaviour. He showed no remorse, no guilt. Spoke as though it was just another errand, just another day. As if to say, whats done is done, now lets get on with our lives.

I'm speechless!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free Falling

My angel loves to free fall. Esp on the bed, cushions and on the divan. And if she knows that you are are there to catch her, even on the floor. Though she prefers the soft landing. She has started to balance herself and after a few practice runs on the softer falls, she has started balancing on the floor these days.

That she hasn't started walking yet is of no worry to me, relatives be damned. I do not want to rush her. My naturaopath advised introducing her to a walker to build her courage. She loves to explore and my arms and back are a sore witness to it :)

Will be getting her a walker tomorrow, lets see how that goes. Hopefully I will be able to do much more work. Fingers crossed!

Wow just realized its been over 2 months since my last post.. like they say better late than never.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Link Diary

I love to read. I can read just about anything that I can lay my hands on. My passion for reading has naturally progressed from books to blogs. In this congested blog world there are a lot of good quality blogs. Below are a few sites and posts that I have stumbled on. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Freelancing 101 - The Basics : I just recently found this freelancers blog and am very impressed by it. A good design with good writers. The content is very relevant and they have some great articles. For some one who is looking to start part time/ freelance/ work from home, this is a great resource. This post talks about the basics of freelancing and the lifestyle to go with it.

55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read : Matt has created a great list of articles that every serious blogger should read. He has compiled and categorized them perfectly. A definite must read for the budding blogger. - Blogging Network & Technology Tips : Vikram has some mean blogging and technology tips. Great design and a great writer. Rich resource for some honest updates, reviews and tips. Oh and he has some great cartoons too.

Crystal bur - Mahabharata Series : A spoof on the Mahabharata. Here's creative writing at is best. A funny bone with great comic timing. Terrific sense of humor.

Thanks to all of these for wonderful articles and some great writing.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

World AIDS Day

Its World Aids Day today. Though its been close to two decades since this dreaded disease was discovered, there is still no cure. Further in developing countries, people are still mis-informed and reluctant to discuss it. There is a social paranoia attached to AIDS & HIV. Today is not just about raising money but increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education. HIV today is a threat to men, women and children. More and more children are being affected by it.

It is estimated that 2.5 million are currently living with HIV in India. People are still miss informed about the spread and infection. India's social constraints are its biggest stumbling block and to combat this Piya Sorcar, a doctoral student in Stanford's Learning, Sciences & Technology Design Program has come up with a unique way of educating the children without offending their parents and the government. Pria has initiated Interactive Teaching AIDS an animation based educational curriculum to teach HIV/AIDS awareness and their preventive strategies.

Educating people, increasing awareness
cross all the economic strata of society is the first step. The theme for World AIDS Day 2007 is "leadership" highlighting the need for innovation, vision and perseverance in the face of the AIDS challenge. I hope that our leaders recognize the seriousness and urgency of the AIDS epidemic and show compassion to their people, to the people of the state and country.

But it is not only the leaders who can make a difference. We can too. Educate ourselves, open our hearts and examine how we can help. If you would like to do something right now, click the button on the right and join the campaign to stop AIDS in children.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Procrastination Flowchart

Been meaning to post this for quite some while.

Found this Ingenious Procrastination Flowchart on Digg. Definitely Life in a Nutshell. Its ironic that somebody actually got it done. LOL. Click on the image to enlarge.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Son of Soil? nah Power Hungry Son!

Deve Gowda, undoubtedly, the man of the moment has made a mockery of the Indian Government, the Karnataka Government and the people of Karnataka. He has proved without doubt that he has his own selfish interests at heart and not of the people as he so claims. He is trying to run a government rather form one on the whims and fancies of his power hungry sons!

And to think he is the ex Pm of India! He is bad for Bangalore and unfit for Karnataka.

What a Shame and What a Sham! I'd like to give the BJP a chance.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Chat Festival at Hotel Metropole

Hotel Metropole is a heritage hotel located in the heart of Mysore, Karnataka. It was built in the 1920's to accommodate the British guests of the Maharaja of Mysore. It is now run by the Royal Orchid Hotels.

Metropole has always been a favorite place to eat. Their Chili Chicken and Veg Au Gratin used to be to die for and the food has always been exceptionally good. The ambience , the look of the hotel all belong to the royal era. The only sore factor was the service, which was exceptionally slow. But you did not mind as you were there to relax. But all this was before it was taken over by the Orchid group.

Now the only thing working for Metropole is its ambience. The food is terrible and the service even worse. Last weekend they had a chat festival going on. It was inaugurated on Friday evening. It was Black Friday! How can anybody go wrong with chat? Pani puri, dahi vada, Bhajji's, Pav Bhaji, Channa Bhatura, Alu Tikki. ALL were terrible. No taste. and to top it all, all the items contained MSG, Ajinomoto. Why do you need to add this ingredient in chat? Its a taste enhancer that most use to make the food tastier. Its is usually found in packaged foods.

How do I know that it was present? Because I'm sensitive to it and I immediately fell sick the very next day. And not just me, Alicia was there too a week before me and fell sick after eating at their restaurant.

I've learned my lesson and I'm never going there to eat nor am I going to recommend this place to anybody.

Read this to know more about the harmful side effects of MSG or Ajinomoto.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Looking Back!

My angel is a year old now. I cant help but look back at the past year. SO much has changed. I'm no longer the same person. From a married woman I'm now a single mum. I'm more tolerant, patient, caring & understanding. From a financially independent woman I now am living off my parents, who are looking after me and my kid. I'm much more at peace with myself, am happier and relaxed. My relationship with my parents and siblings has improved and we understand each other much better.

I've always believed that change is a good thing, that whatever happens happens for a reason & its usually for the better. God has a plan for all of us & he keeps showing us ways & doors to it. Its up to us to recognize and find our path & be on the way. When you drift, another door opens up & you'll reach there albeit slowly but you will get there. And that is why it is said, when a door closes another one opens in its place. And when opportunity knocks learn to identify it and make the best of it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dolphin giving Birth captured on Film

Photographer Leonardi Stanzani captured these unbelievable photographs of a Bottlenose Dolphin giving birth. Very few dolphins have been captured in this astonishing detail. Makes you appreciate life. As Daily Mail says it is the most rarest and magical sights in the natural world.

This has got to be the most beautiful photograph. Mother nudging the child towards the surface.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Cut

My angel had her first fall two days back, she bled for the first time and had me in panic. It turned out to be a minor cut, but made me realize that whenever your child is hurt, the mother should never panic, instead should be calm and collected. Else you will only land up scaring your child more.

It was also the first day that she tasted ice. It was a usual day, lunch time. She like to crawl and play around while having her lunch. And as usual she was running away from the spoon when she fell flat on the floor. She cut her lip, of course she didn't let me see or touch her lip until much later. Her lip had swollen and after some ice rub, it was much better. But not without scaring me and a hospital visit in panic!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Turn Around

Sweet Lime chopped into squares sprinkled with salt and pepper is a favorite. It was just another lazy Sunday evening when I was having this dreading the thought of going back to work on Monday. Little did I know how my life was about to change!

I wake up feeling sick. Bad throat. decided to make myself sage infusion. And thats when it starts. Vomiting. I'm taking out everything. Just when I think I couldn't handle any more it stops. Phew! So I leave for work on my bike and bang in the middle of a traffic jam I can feel the bile rising up. Luckily the signal turns green, so I go a little ahead and park on one side and puke my guts out. I make it to my office only to feel really sick. After about 3 hours I decide to go back home. So my hubby comes to get me as I'm too sick to ride my bike. We decide to have lunch and go home. Bad Idea. I cant eat anything. By now he is really worried. I just want to go home and sleep. So we put off going to the doctor till I've slept for some time. My boss and my colleagues have already started teasing me sying that I could be preg. But I didn't miss my period so I'm not overtly worried. By the time we reach home I have a temperature. So I finally get some sleep and I'm ok. Back to work the next day.

A week later the same thing happens again। This time I'm worried। So I take an afternoon off to see the doc. I'm asked to get a sonography done. And thats when I get to know Im 12 weeks pregnant. When the lab assistant tells me that Im preg, I refused to believe her, so She showed me the monitor. Up until then I had not wanted a child. Why? I wasnt mentally, physically and finaclially ready. And was prepared to terminate it. But when the Assistant showed me the monitor and I saw my baby, her legs, hands, back, head.I was in LOVE! I knew I couldn't be a murderer. It took me a good 5 min to realise that I was looking at my baby. I can still see that image. And I could'nt wipe my grin.

Today she is 11 months old and the most precious thing in the whole world. She has singlehandedly brought about a 360 degree change in me. I am no longer short tempered, don't get hyper easily, am so much more calmer and my feathers don't get ruffled easily. My mum recovered faster because of her. She is our stress buster and with a smile to light up the whole room. I could go on and on about her and it would never end :)

Its been more than a year now and so much has changed since then. I walked out of an abusive relationship, choosing to raise my daughter by my self. So now I'm a single mom, waiting for her divorce to come through; looking at the world through my daughters eye, rediscovering all that I had lost. in short learning all over again without a days regret.

Friday, September 7, 2007


"Your parents got a son in law for very cheap" I didn't know he was for sale. If I had he wouldn't have become my husband.

"I lost my son. You snatched him away from me" Grow up woman. Whats gonna happen to him when your gone?

"All she does is insults us. She does not know how to talk to us! She is not a house wife. she goes to work and thinks just because she is independent she does not have to do any house work. " I'm sorry. Guess I'm incapable of communicating in your language. I'm ready to quit if my dear husband can support us and you!

"So what if your mum has cancer? Its not like she's dead!"

"Why didn't you have the courtesy of informing us that you were admitted in the hospital with labor pains? Why did your husband have to call and inform us?" Am I supposed to have my baby or put the labor on hold to call you!

"Since you did not think it was necessary for you to call us, we don't think it is appropriate that we accept your parents invitation to the party for the child."

"Since the children are not here, why should we come to your house for Diwali? Our relationship exists only because of our kids and if they are not here then there is not relationship at all."

"What seventh month function? There is no such thing? And it is not necessary that it should be done. I am in no mood to do that for you." So why then couldn't you explain the same thing to your mother when she asked you about it?

"Cancel your appointment for Friday. I am here, I will take you to your doctor's appointment on Saturday. Your father will come and pick you up from your parents home. You don't miss the function on Friday, everybody will be here." And as predicted *sigh* I'm still waiting...its been 8 months already!

"Oh I don't know when we will have the naming ceremony for the child. We haven't thought of it as yet. maybe in 2 or 4 months...who knows?" Yeah I know. It will never happen.

life evolves

you took my heart and soul
made me soar
and then brought me down like a ton of bricks
broke my heart into a million pieces that are so scattered will never be whole again
but i must go on for the life i created

Monday, July 16, 2007

Heart Attack

"Lady in Rajkot strips and parades semi nude to protest against harassment" screamed the headlines. All the news channels showed her walk to the police commissioners office. Why did it take an extreme step by Puja Chauhan to get the court and the police to react? Could it not have been avoided? Had the print and electronic media not hyped it, giving it such a coverage would a case have been registered?

It takes a lot of courage, determination for a woman to take the decision of walking out of her marriage. She will take all the abuse, have her self esteem and confidence battered just to stay married for the sake of her children and society. The very man who vows to protect and love her, becomes her oppressor. She is tormented by another woman, her mother in law. She quietly takes it all. But there is a limit to ones endurance. When she is cornered and no where else to go, she chooses 2 options - to fight back or to give up. Giving up leads to suicide and fighting back needs a lot of courage and support (emotional and psychological from loved ones and society). When she chooses to lead a safe, secure and sheltered life away from her tormentors, why do cops and lawyers try to stop her, to get her to change her mind? Puja choose to fight back, the cops refused to file a complaint, didn't take her seriously. It was all routine for them. Did they want her to go back to her husband? Or just that they did not want the hassle of a small routine case? Her husband called her a prostitute. The police wants to file a case of indecency against her. There is more exposure in the Indian music videos and by the movie stars. Puja compared to them was much more decent.

Neetu was also troubled by her inlaws. Hers was an arranged marriage. One year after her marriage she decided to end it. Why? Domestic Violence. The lawyer she went to, refused to file her divorce. Instead he would counsel her on going back and to try to make amends as divorce is against the Indian traditions. Fed up and frustrated she turned to her aunt who counseled the lawyer. No woman would like to go back to her parents house after a failed marriage. She will try her best to make it work but it should not be done at the cost of her self esteem. What if she becomes a victim of dowry? Whose responsibility will that be? The cops who refused to file her case or the lawyer who wanted her to go back?

Prathiba married against her parents wishes. During the 10 year courtship she supported him both emotionally and financially, through his business downfalls. His parents were always loving and caring. 2 weeks after marriage they showed their true colours by mentally harassing her. One year later she got pregnant. The harassment continued and after delivery her husband joined them as well. The reason - Dowry and Girl child. She is still waiting for a divorce. Her lawyer counseled her to go back. Today her parents and her daughter are her biggest support.

There are countless cases like these. And it affects women of all economic strata. A lot of cases go unreported. Times are changing and more and more women are choosing to say no to domestic violence. Till men and women stop thinking that a woman cannot exist without a man,that she has no identity without a man, this will never change. As Michael J.Fox says " One's dignity may be assaulted,vandalized and cruelly mocked, but cannot be taken away unless surrendered."

Monday, June 18, 2007

Couch Potato

And here we go again. Its makeover time at KSBKBT. Tulsi has a new face and has lost a lot of weight(supposedly only for three months). Her stay at the asylum must have helped her burn off all that fat. She is back to doing what she does best - Crying! And wht happened to that मैं वापस आऊंगी ? All she does now is pine for her spineless husband forgetting her burning need for revenge

Parvati is back to her long lost identity. No more Janaki Devi. So what's it gonna be now? Her quest for acceptance into the Aggarwal household or the new generation mishaps? Wait and watch.

My personal favoutirte is Virrudh. Great story line, wonderfully etched out characters, fast moving, incredible suspense and great acting by all. Great family drama, right now in the middle of Who Dun It.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How to Blog Productively and Profitably

There are hundreds and thousands of blogs today. Moreover, the odds of getting your blog noticed are getting smaller and smaller day by day,unless there is something unique and interesting that you can offer to ensure loyal visitors. there is no sure shot formula to get people to visit or to be a highly visited blog. Nevertheless there are certain steps once taken can ensure that.

Be Unique : Have your own unique writing style. It could be professional, casual or a little bit of both. Many blogs are in conversation style, which really is the best since a blog is your own personal space and it makes for easier writing also.

Topic: Choose a topic that your are passionate about. It's always tempting to start a blog on a commercial topic only to loose interest later. I have enjoyed reading those bloggers who are passionate and enjoy what they are writing about. Write creatively, keep it short and concise. Content is the most important ingredient for a successful blog. All else will follow.

Attention Grabbing Title: First impressions are always important. Ever notice that for most search results in Google and in most SE's, there is a title, a passage and an URL. The highlighted and the most attention grabbing of these is the title and the key in getting people through SE's. Treat the title as a mini advertisement of your work.

Be Disciplined & Organized: Create a schedule and stick to it. Do not let distraction get in your way of writing.Keep a journal handy, you never know when you will have a creative moment. Have a publishing deadline and stick to it. It will keep you on track, motivated and try not to fall behind.

Connect & Network: When visiting other blogs leave genuine and worthy comments. Do not leave " I agree" posts. Write something meaningful and noteworthy. This ensures a visit from the blogger and other visitors.

Update your blog often: SE's especially Google give more points to an updated page rather than a stale page. These blogs that are cross-linked, well networked and are updated daily enjoy a high visibility status.

Promote: As you would promote your business, promote your blog; on your business card, advertising, emails, in PR activities and so on. Back this up with interesting content and it finds mention in other blogs. You reciprocate and mention other blogs in your blogs.

Now that you have a productive blog, the next logical step is to decide how to generate revenue from that blog.

While its great to write what you are passionate about, if it happens to be a non-commercial topic nobody will click on your ad sense ads. our post should be about commercial viable ideas. For Ex: Write about hotels, resorts, health fads, fad diets....and so on. Create your own niche and work at revenue generation from there.

Find all the product and services that your blog can sell through Affiliate Programs and focus your posts on them. this will generate increased revenue if your recommended affiliate product is targeted to your niche audience(blog theme). Post regularly with meaningful content and build a relationship[ with your readers. This creates your credibility, trust and authority on a product.

Associate Programs is a good place to start. Here you get access to affiliate programs, articles and useful tips.

Take advantage of leaving comments on blogs. Put a text link to your site directing them back to your site to view the ads. This guarantees traffic and visibility.

Another profitable tool is Google Adsense. this is pay per click advertising. Here you get a percentage every time someone clicks on an adsense ad from your blog. Google displays relevant text and image ads based on your sites content. Google ads are a virtual sales tool.

Finally offer other popular sites a Link Exchange. To put it simply, this is where you both agree to exchange links or post a link to each other. This is also a great way of generating traffic.

In conclusion, all these tips are a sure shot way of making your blog profitable. It also helps to have numerous blogs, each catering to a different product or service, unless of course you want to have a private blog.