Sunday, April 18, 2010

Five things that disappear just when you need them.....

Tagged by Kiran and here goes without any further ado the five things that I am forever looking for :)

1. My glasses. Rarely wear them when at home and always forget where I left them last. Once I found them only when I sat on them.

2. My keys in my purse. Its a mini heart attack I get, when I start hunting for my kyes..could be car keys or the house keys. They just get lost in there.

3. My mobile. Its on silent most of the time at home, cause when it rings, my kiddo by default has to pick it up or its hell to pay. I actually have many times, called my number and then strained my ear to hear the beep, just to figure out its hiding space.

4. Imp. yea yea my kiddo. never wants to drink her water.. doesn't want to stay indoors..even in this blazing heat. Call out to her and I don't get a reply. have started locking the gate thanks to her..

5. Stationary. You name it, pen, eraser, marker, stapler, cellophane tape..all have their own place..but with a kid who loves to cut, tape and write, can never seem to find one, just when I need it.

And I pass this tag too whoever is interested in taking it up. Just let me know :)