Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of Unsung Heros & Spreading the word!

She broke her blog hiatus for this... to recognize, acknowledge & spread the word about the first Indian woman to Ski both the North Pole & the South Pole in 2007.

Saraswathy(Sara) Kameswaran, skied on both the Poles in the year 2007. She was a self funded Indian from Tamilnadu. She was the First ever Indian woman to ski on both the Poles in the same year.

Without a deft agent to publicize her historic feat, Sara completed her achievement as quietly as the person she is. She is simply happy to have made it.

Skiing in the Pole is just not like skiing on the Heavenly slopes in Lake Tahoe or Aspen slopes in Colorado. You need a special combination of dream, determination and grit to brave the below zero tempratures and to carry your own food & excrements.

Now the whole web world is ablaze with a news item on Reena Kaushal - another Indian woman - as the First Indian Woman "preparing" to go to the South Pole in 2010. God bless Reena with a safe passage and completion. But, Sara already did it in 2007. You know because Reena is going with a commonwealth all women team, and she has proper planning and publicizing agent and her guide is so fiercely protective and assures that Reena is going to be the first Indian Woman - can the fact that Sara did both the Poles in 2007 be nullified?

The Indian media, even the media in Tamilnadu is not interested in talking about the First Tamil Woman who did this historic feat. People say, with access to internet, the world is at your finger tips and you can contact any one you want. This is not practically true. You can email thousands of individuals, unless they decide to read that email or respond to that mail, you do not know if your case is heard, leave alone being considered.

I am looking for a miracle to happen, so the world or at least India will know Sara did both the poles in the same year in 2007.

*the above content has been copied from Eternal Poetry . If you want to spread the news, please feel free to copy out this post on your own page, with due credit to Poetry, the owner of . Thank you!

The media has to sit up and take notice, high time...don't you think so?


Iya said...

thanks for bringing this to our notice..

Poetry said...

Thank you, Imp's mom, for taking it up and posting in your blog.

Suki said...

Yes, high time the media took notice.

Sorry I haven't accepted your awards yet, just... extremely indecisive about the blog right now. It's really flattering to see the way you referred to me in this post, thanks :)

Anand said...

Inspirational..these ladies.
Hats off to them. Iron ladies...these r called....and quite deservingly so too.

Imp's Mom said...

@Iya: Think you can you take it forward too?

@Poetry: Anytime!

@Suki: Its okai babe, take your time, just don't disappear!

@Anand: yea :-)

BrownPhantom said...

Yes,Sara shuold definitely get the credit she deserves. Hopefully efforts such as yours would help that cause. :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are blogging about it. Blogs have become such a powerful media, atleast one does not need to depend entirely on the newspapers!

Santosh said...

So cool ! had never heard of this !

Imp's Mom said...

@brownphantom: I sure hope so, But we are just a small bunch of people spreading the word... and welcome to my space!

@IHM: So true IHM!

@Santosh: yea, nor had I till I read Suki's blog.

Solilo said...

Blogging has the power to make such news prominent which are generally given a sidebar by media. Kudos to everyone who blogged about it and mainly to the lady!

"Skiing in the Pole is just not like skiing on the Heavenly slopes in Lake Tahoe or Aspen slopes in Colorado."

Just skiing in Aspen actually froze me. I just couldn't even enjoy it and ended up with a twisted leg.


IBH said...

hey hey! I just put up a post about her! no ordinary feat eh!

Imp's Mom said...

Its a mean feat Solio... I'm amazed at her determination and will power... hows that leg of yours now?

you too IBH :-) that's great...the more the better... am coming over to read yours..

Ritu said...


Imp's Mom said...

yes ritu, it is isn't it :-)

Mampi said...

thank you for enlightening us on this.

Imp's Mom said...

most welcome mampi :-)