Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friendship and Love

Networking is the name of the game. To increase your social, personal and professional life you have to network. Meet new people, make new friends, get new contacts contracts..u get the picture.

We learnt in school that the world is round. Since the advent on internet, it's a flat world. Add networking to it and it shrinks. You have all sorts of people, from different places, some like minded and some not so like minded. It brings out your alter ego for some. Its like they are let loose demanding friendship and declaring love to all and sundry.

Almost anybody who has an email id, is on Orkut. Thankfully with competition from Facebook, they have changed the privacy settings. You have the option of keeping your profile private only to be visible to your friends. Yet you have some total strangers declaring their undying love, persistent in their friend requests and some just get plain creative. Like this one man (supposedly) who calls himself Rakesh; apparently my admirer. I received the below message from him

HI Jyoti, I Love to have UR Friendship

Hi Jyoti,
How r u doing.
Hope this mail finds U in Great Spirit & Cheerfull

I love to have ur friendship forever.
I am Rakesh, I am basically from Bangalore, I work as an
Software Professional in Bangalore.
I am 5'9" Tall,Athletic,sportive, fun
loving, loves to enjoy my life always, loves to
appreciate & respect others feelings,I'm jovial,
I love travelling, beaches, Music, dance, long drives, nature.
I am basically a sports freek, loves to play lots of
sports like soccer, tennis & cricket.
I am presently staying alone in bangalore,
I honestly want to convey that UR Profile is really very attractive.
I will always accept & respect ur feelings as mine, i
love to care for u always.
I am eagerly looking forward to our nice Friendship,
love to have ur friendship for life.
Pls do mail me at my personal ID


Lets Keep in touch & cherish every moment of our sweet
do feel free & call me on my mobile
984******* anytime, i would love to speak to u
personally & share my feelings with u , i would truely
be honoured to speak to u.
Pls Reply me as soon as U see my message, I will be
waiting eagerly for ur reply.
Lets keep in touch forever.
Take care & Have a nice day Jyoti.

Love u a lot,
Rakesh ( UR Admirer ).

Psycho, Desperate, Lonely or just trying his luck ? I'm so sure this message would have been posted on a lot of female profiles, he will have no pic on his profile and only women as friends there. And no I am not interested in looking up his profile.

When you see a private profile, (which clearly says that strangers are not welcome) why don't they get the message that I am not interested.

I value my friends and this kind of an email just totally destroys the true meaning of friendship and love.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who am I?

Filling up my college form was a revelation. The form demanded a caste and a sub-caste. Until then all I knew was that I was an Indian and a Hindu. And I was clueless.

Did I lead a sheltered life? Yes! The first thing I was taught was that I am an Indian. North, South, East or West didn't matter. Our ancestors fought hard for us to live freely and to live together as one. Imagine if each state fought would we have the India we have today? We are an amalgamation of cultures, languages, customs and traditions. This is what makes our country our India rich. So why is it so difficult to live in harmony?

What Raj has started is bound to be followed by other states. Esp Karnataka. A man's ego and thirst for power is killing thousands and wounding a lot more.

Close to five generations of my family has lived in Karnataka. We are not Kannadiga's as far as our names (esp surnames), culture and tradition. So where do I belong? Am I an outsider? Am I taking away the jobs of the Kannadiga's?

I wish our politicians would not divide our country on caste, religion and region. And instead spread peace and harmony. But that is wishful thinking.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road Trip with Baby

A road trip where the maximum time is spent sitting in the car with no space to walk,move and explore is sure shot way to get anybody restless, so imagine an active year old enduring the journey!

We started early morning, wanting to reach Tirupathi early going via Vellore. We wanted to visit the Golden Temple. Beautiful place. She enjoyed the ride, loved the cool breeze of the car window rolled down, enjoyed looking at the cows, dogs and the monkeys apart form the vehicles on the road. Fell asleep. Walked around the restaurants when we stopped. Of course carried lunch for her which she choose not to eat fully; preferred breast milk. She enjoyed the Golden Temple. And them promptly fell asleep on the way to Tirupathi from there.

There is something about traveling in cars that lulls babies to sleep. Except mine. Well to give her due credit, the first few times she traveled in a car she did, but lately NO. Not until she gets her milk, irrespective of being on a full stomach! And when the car stops she promptly sits up and gives you a look as if to say " cant you even let me sleep? It's bad enough I do not have my bed to sleep on!"

And when we reached close to midnight, all she wanted to do was run around the whole place. All of us, esp me was so tired due to lack of sleep and we had to be at the temple at 5 AM. Finally after a hot bath an hour later, she is asleep. Only to be wide awake at the Temple again. My angel was the only baby awake so early in the morning. Every other child was sleeping. So quite naturally she was the center of attention and a great pass time for everybody else.

Now my angel is potty trained, but for some reason she refused to go potty. I even had baby wipes just in case, but no. She stuck to her guns and only went when we reached back home.

Angel did fine, just fine. It was the rest of us who had a hard time handling the heat and this when we are the ones with more experience in traveling by car.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nano ke Side Effects

Couldn't resist putting up these hilarious pictures, I received as a forward. If you need a translation ping me!