Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who am I?

Filling up my college form was a revelation. The form demanded a caste and a sub-caste. Until then all I knew was that I was an Indian and a Hindu. And I was clueless.

Did I lead a sheltered life? Yes! The first thing I was taught was that I am an Indian. North, South, East or West didn't matter. Our ancestors fought hard for us to live freely and to live together as one. Imagine if each state fought would we have the India we have today? We are an amalgamation of cultures, languages, customs and traditions. This is what makes our country our India rich. So why is it so difficult to live in harmony?

What Raj has started is bound to be followed by other states. Esp Karnataka. A man's ego and thirst for power is killing thousands and wounding a lot more.

Close to five generations of my family has lived in Karnataka. We are not Kannadiga's as far as our names (esp surnames), culture and tradition. So where do I belong? Am I an outsider? Am I taking away the jobs of the Kannadiga's?

I wish our politicians would not divide our country on caste, religion and region. And instead spread peace and harmony. But that is wishful thinking.


Santosh said...

Absolutely ! and where do people like me go ! we dont even have a state of our own :-) we are just a linguistic minority everywhere !

Rajeshwari said...

I'm disgusted of the whole caste thing!!