Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friendship and Love

Networking is the name of the game. To increase your social, personal and professional life you have to network. Meet new people, make new friends, get new contacts contracts..u get the picture.

We learnt in school that the world is round. Since the advent on internet, it's a flat world. Add networking to it and it shrinks. You have all sorts of people, from different places, some like minded and some not so like minded. It brings out your alter ego for some. Its like they are let loose demanding friendship and declaring love to all and sundry.

Almost anybody who has an email id, is on Orkut. Thankfully with competition from Facebook, they have changed the privacy settings. You have the option of keeping your profile private only to be visible to your friends. Yet you have some total strangers declaring their undying love, persistent in their friend requests and some just get plain creative. Like this one man (supposedly) who calls himself Rakesh; apparently my admirer. I received the below message from him

HI Jyoti, I Love to have UR Friendship

Hi Jyoti,
How r u doing.
Hope this mail finds U in Great Spirit & Cheerfull

I love to have ur friendship forever.
I am Rakesh, I am basically from Bangalore, I work as an
Software Professional in Bangalore.
I am 5'9" Tall,Athletic,sportive, fun
loving, loves to enjoy my life always, loves to
appreciate & respect others feelings,I'm jovial,
I love travelling, beaches, Music, dance, long drives, nature.
I am basically a sports freek, loves to play lots of
sports like soccer, tennis & cricket.
I am presently staying alone in bangalore,
I honestly want to convey that UR Profile is really very attractive.
I will always accept & respect ur feelings as mine, i
love to care for u always.
I am eagerly looking forward to our nice Friendship,
love to have ur friendship for life.
Pls do mail me at my personal ID


Lets Keep in touch & cherish every moment of our sweet
do feel free & call me on my mobile
984******* anytime, i would love to speak to u
personally & share my feelings with u , i would truely
be honoured to speak to u.
Pls Reply me as soon as U see my message, I will be
waiting eagerly for ur reply.
Lets keep in touch forever.
Take care & Have a nice day Jyoti.

Love u a lot,
Rakesh ( UR Admirer ).

Psycho, Desperate, Lonely or just trying his luck ? I'm so sure this message would have been posted on a lot of female profiles, he will have no pic on his profile and only women as friends there. And no I am not interested in looking up his profile.

When you see a private profile, (which clearly says that strangers are not welcome) why don't they get the message that I am not interested.

I value my friends and this kind of an email just totally destroys the true meaning of friendship and love.


meghna mohan said...


I couldnt have put it more across better. this is definitely something that is irritating the hell out of the fairer sex. So glad Orkut is making things more private and safe. I dont want some 40 + year old man letching at me or any one in my album its disgusting. they send the same message to everyone its pathetic! i Wanna be in your friends list hotchick! - reads my latest friends request! gross!

rockinrav said...


Santosh said...

A guy who s 5.9, tall and fun ! who will respect your feeling, will care for u always, loves tennis, cricket, wants to share his feelings with you and u DUMP him ??? What do u want in a guy ? He is a dream match , Pick you cell right now and give him a call, before someother gal gets lucky :-)

Hehehehe !

PS > see throught the message he says he wants friendship with you and then signs off with love you a lot LOL

myjourneys said...

Ah ha! Well, tht guy sure seemed to be looking for 'holy matrimony'.

I call such guys as 'online stalkers'

Rajeshwari said...

Sad, how lonely people get.. He needs to find a job that makes him work 24/7

satya_eee1 said...

u all are looking at the wrong side of him... let's look at his creativity... he would have come up asking for love in a straight manner... but he had done in a different manner... of course, it lacks credibility....
well...Jyothi Gupta... urs is a nice blog... keep posting...

( Don't think that it's a back's just letting u know that i'm a blogger... i don't ask ppl to read my blog...)

Jyoti said...

@megh: ur so right..these mails and messages totally put me off

@ravi: my first reaction too :)

@santosh: sounds too good to be true!

@ankur: haha..holy matrimony:)

@raji: 247 job might not help, he would still be lonely.

@satya: my point exactly, love has become just another 4 letter word. This is not the way u ask for love or friendship!

winky said...

ohhhhhh I love this post!!!! You said the right words!! But, I can't imagine somebody writing this kind!! hahaha!! You know what I do I just block them!! and kissa khatm!! hehehehe! Moreover, people keep track of the profile pics too!!

Imp's Mom said...

haha thanks Ankita...really sweet ur reading my old posts :))block kar ne se pehle aise mails aate hain ya..kya kareen..ab twitter pe bhi aane lage.