Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just another day

"Had no option but to kill her." wtf?

Watching the news last night, left me stumped at Rohit's confession. In a fit of anger during an argument with his wife, he tried to gag her and then his arm went around her neck and she strangulated. Then he puts her in a suitcase and disposes of it close to his home. All this because she pushed him? What was this man thinking? Looks to me that he just wanted to shut her up and managed to do so, only permanently.

Archana had filed for divorce on grounds of domestic violence and harassment.
They were apparently working on their marriage and had just gotten back together after a 2 year separation.

What struck me most was his behaviour. He showed no remorse, no guilt. Spoke as though it was just another errand, just another day. As if to say, whats done is done, now lets get on with our lives.

I'm speechless!

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