Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free Falling

My angel loves to free fall. Esp on the bed, cushions and on the divan. And if she knows that you are are there to catch her, even on the floor. Though she prefers the soft landing. She has started to balance herself and after a few practice runs on the softer falls, she has started balancing on the floor these days.

That she hasn't started walking yet is of no worry to me, relatives be damned. I do not want to rush her. My naturaopath advised introducing her to a walker to build her courage. She loves to explore and my arms and back are a sore witness to it :)

Will be getting her a walker tomorrow, lets see how that goes. Hopefully I will be able to do much more work. Fingers crossed!

Wow just realized its been over 2 months since my last post.. like they say better late than never.

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Indian Home Maker said...

The later they walk the better..once they start walking you'll have no peace! Mine walked at 10 and a half and thirteen months...Whenever in doubt, instead of letting friends, family and other bloggers lol, confuse you, you too could turn to Benjamin Spock. I used to read Benjamin Spocks' ...Gosh I have forgotten exactly what it was called, my brother has it now, I think it was :'Your baby and child'