Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't Drink and Drive

Its that time of the year again. When the whole world celebrates at the same time, same day and same occasion. Its the New Year!

Its also the time when the most accidents and deaths happen. And all due to drinking and driving. Bike/Car and Booze make a deadly combination during Christmas and New Year. 90% of the deaths and accidents are because of drinking and driving. Police records show that drunken driving has increased over the years - from 10,163 cases in 2003 to 24,000 cases in 2006.

I have lost 2 of my fri
ends due to this. And New years is a grim reminder of the pain borne by their family that I witnessed. I can still hear the screams of my friend's sister whenever I think of it. Its terrible. And that educated and aware people believe and behave as if they are immune to accidents, is a reality. In Dr.Bhushan Joseph's words, "Most people suffer from the syndrome: 'It can't happen to me'.

The bottom line is alcohol in the blood stream subdues the reflexes, an important neuromuscular action which protects our body. So everybody please have a safe and a happy new year. Leaving a torn, crippled family is not a way to ring in the new year. Its not something that you can undo, but yes we can choose NOT to Drink and Drive and be safe so that we can spend many more new years together with our loved ones.

Wish you all a very Happy, Safe and a Prosperous New Year!

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Santosh said...

Perfect Advice ! I totally agree. i always detest my friends from bringing thier bikes / cars whenever we go out pubbing or plan on having some drinks, When we spend a couple of hundreds on wining and dining, the 100-200 rs to the Auto or the taxi to drop us back home should not matter that much.

But you know what, i had this long drawn argument with one of my friend one day over drunken driving and why should avoid it. His argument was 'Maktub' ( If you have read The Alchemist ) "what has to happen will happen" , If i am supposed to die on New years eve, I will. Does not matter if i am drunk or not. Nice to argue :-)