Friday, September 7, 2007

life evolves

you took my heart and soul
made me soar
and then brought me down like a ton of bricks
broke my heart into a million pieces that are so scattered will never be whole again
but i must go on for the life i created


Indian Home Maker said...

Beautiful...Imp's Mom.

~nm said...

That was really sooooo beautiful!!

Pinku said...

honey I have been through an abusinve relationship too and then a divorce.

Though i do admire your guts for wanting to get out of it with a young child...I advice you also start living for yourself...

dont focus on the child so much that you lose self focus.
this may not sound like what u want to hear but have seen a few people who become completely disoriented when the children grow up and as per their natural tendency start to look elsewhere for support and friendship.

Imp's Mom said...

IHM and nm: its straight from the heart...

Pinku: thnx for the advice..i realize it and am slowly starting to do my own stuff, but she is too young rite now..and I cant wait for her to get into school..:)

winky said...

"you will go on,
With the life you created,
You will see your bud blossom,
Into a flower,
Spreading fragrance of love,
Wherever she goes"

Imp's Mom said...

Oh Ankita, that was beautiful!!