Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Cut

My angel had her first fall two days back, she bled for the first time and had me in panic. It turned out to be a minor cut, but made me realize that whenever your child is hurt, the mother should never panic, instead should be calm and collected. Else you will only land up scaring your child more.

It was also the first day that she tasted ice. It was a usual day, lunch time. She like to crawl and play around while having her lunch. And as usual she was running away from the spoon when she fell flat on the floor. She cut her lip, of course she didn't let me see or touch her lip until much later. Her lip had swollen and after some ice rub, it was much better. But not without scaring me and a hospital visit in panic!


Deeps said...

Oh,I still remember very clearly when my daughter,Namnam had her first fall.She was 8months old then.we had gone to a friends' house for dinner.She slept off after a while so,I took her to the guest room and made her lie down on the bed placing pillows by her sides.I came out of the room and got back to my chit-chatting, totally convinced she would not be awake fr another hour or so.
After about half an hour I heard my li'l one screaming away to glory.My husband and I ran to the room and there she was sitting right up on the floor crying uncontrollably.She had woken up and tried to topple over the pillows to get down from the bed!Thankfully,the bed was low-rise so it didnt hurt her much.What hurt her more was that she didnt find her mamma or papa around her to cheer her up for her heroic stint!
Its my first time here.I read some of your earlier posts too and I have to say you are very very brave to have made the decisions that you did.Hats off to you,Imp's mom!I'm sure the Imp drives and inspires you to lead a more meaningful life.
BTW,my Namnam is 2years,3months and 10days:) I can relate to what you have gone through and are going through as a mother.God bless you and the Imp.Take care

Imp's Mom said...

Deeps, Welcome! the first time is always the worst! Now I know that till imp hurts herself monkeying around, she will never listen...

Yes the imp does drive me to lead a more meaningful life...a life i never knew existed! Thnk you so much for your warm wishes and blessings :)

Wish you and Namnam a happy, prosperous and a safe new year...may all your dreams come true!