Friday, September 7, 2007


"Your parents got a son in law for very cheap" I didn't know he was for sale. If I had he wouldn't have become my husband.

"I lost my son. You snatched him away from me" Grow up woman. Whats gonna happen to him when your gone?

"All she does is insults us. She does not know how to talk to us! She is not a house wife. she goes to work and thinks just because she is independent she does not have to do any house work. " I'm sorry. Guess I'm incapable of communicating in your language. I'm ready to quit if my dear husband can support us and you!

"So what if your mum has cancer? Its not like she's dead!"

"Why didn't you have the courtesy of informing us that you were admitted in the hospital with labor pains? Why did your husband have to call and inform us?" Am I supposed to have my baby or put the labor on hold to call you!

"Since you did not think it was necessary for you to call us, we don't think it is appropriate that we accept your parents invitation to the party for the child."

"Since the children are not here, why should we come to your house for Diwali? Our relationship exists only because of our kids and if they are not here then there is not relationship at all."

"What seventh month function? There is no such thing? And it is not necessary that it should be done. I am in no mood to do that for you." So why then couldn't you explain the same thing to your mother when she asked you about it?

"Cancel your appointment for Friday. I am here, I will take you to your doctor's appointment on Saturday. Your father will come and pick you up from your parents home. You don't miss the function on Friday, everybody will be here." And as predicted *sigh* I'm still waiting...its been 8 months already!

"Oh I don't know when we will have the naming ceremony for the child. We haven't thought of it as yet. maybe in 2 or 4 months...who knows?" Yeah I know. It will never happen.


Swami said...

Did this really happen to you? Sounds incredible.
You write well.

Imp's Mom said...

Hi Swami, Welcome!

Yes this did happen to me while I was preg and this is just a tiny percentage of what I underwent.

Vinod said...

This is a test comment

~ Vinod

Vinod said...

Those statements make me hopping mad. They are stupidity, traditional ideas of honor and insensitivity combined - a nauseating atmosphere.

eyememyself said...

Just stumbled upon your blog through Santosh's blog and was hooked :) This post was did stick out! Though I loved all those you have written about your baby. Very nice...