Monday, June 18, 2007

Couch Potato

And here we go again. Its makeover time at KSBKBT. Tulsi has a new face and has lost a lot of weight(supposedly only for three months). Her stay at the asylum must have helped her burn off all that fat. She is back to doing what she does best - Crying! And wht happened to that मैं वापस आऊंगी ? All she does now is pine for her spineless husband forgetting her burning need for revenge

Parvati is back to her long lost identity. No more Janaki Devi. So what's it gonna be now? Her quest for acceptance into the Aggarwal household or the new generation mishaps? Wait and watch.

My personal favoutirte is Virrudh. Great story line, wonderfully etched out characters, fast moving, incredible suspense and great acting by all. Great family drama, right now in the middle of Who Dun It.

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