Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Chat Festival at Hotel Metropole

Hotel Metropole is a heritage hotel located in the heart of Mysore, Karnataka. It was built in the 1920's to accommodate the British guests of the Maharaja of Mysore. It is now run by the Royal Orchid Hotels.

Metropole has always been a favorite place to eat. Their Chili Chicken and Veg Au Gratin used to be to die for and the food has always been exceptionally good. The ambience , the look of the hotel all belong to the royal era. The only sore factor was the service, which was exceptionally slow. But you did not mind as you were there to relax. But all this was before it was taken over by the Orchid group.

Now the only thing working for Metropole is its ambience. The food is terrible and the service even worse. Last weekend they had a chat festival going on. It was inaugurated on Friday evening. It was Black Friday! How can anybody go wrong with chat? Pani puri, dahi vada, Bhajji's, Pav Bhaji, Channa Bhatura, Alu Tikki. ALL were terrible. No taste. and to top it all, all the items contained MSG, Ajinomoto. Why do you need to add this ingredient in chat? Its a taste enhancer that most use to make the food tastier. Its is usually found in packaged foods.

How do I know that it was present? Because I'm sensitive to it and I immediately fell sick the very next day. And not just me, Alicia was there too a week before me and fell sick after eating at their restaurant.

I've learned my lesson and I'm never going there to eat nor am I going to recommend this place to anybody.

Read this to know more about the harmful side effects of MSG or Ajinomoto.


SloganMurugan said...

Surprisingly I enjoyed the food there on my visit there. It was one good buffet!

Jyoti said...

I'd say you are lucky! All the people I know had a bad experience there.. :)

Samba said...

I thought it was a chatting festiva where people would come and talk lotsa crap!