Monday, March 16, 2009

Heartfelt Moments

Growing up, saw my mum do this puja (mata pujan) every year. We would sit on a mat on the floor and mum would take our aarti. For some reason this really amused me to no end. And this year, I got to perform this ritual for Imp. A ritual performed by the mothers for the protection of their children. Neem leaves in the bath water had her totally confused. We have been having a discussion of giving her a Neem stick to brush her teeth with v/s a toothpaste. And she has heard and understood parts of the conversation. So when she saw the leaves, the immediate reaction was isse muh saaf nahi pleading with a defiant shake of the head. Once that was clear, everything else was a cake walk. She enjoyed the aarti too, couldn't get enough of it. And me? a warm feeling in my heart :)

Few days back, bed time ritual, stories are done and I'm about to switch off the lights. She just turns around, puts an arm around my neck exclaiming "my friend" . Left me speechless, I'd died and gone to heaven!

We'd gone out for dinner last night, but had to get take away's and eat at home. Needless to say, it was a much delayed dinner and Imp was sleepy to no end. Looking into my plate every few minutes. I'm almost done, looks at me and says finith? imp ko ninna aiye me jaana hai...Sitting next to me, patiently waiting for me to finish.

And last but not the least, nobody in the house to allowed to talk against her mum, me; she gets mighty upset and comes running to me to complain. And I am supposed to retaliate, which when I don't she gets even more upset. Doesn't mater that most of the time she is only being teased! Talking to her about it is just not working...


Monika said...

awww this was so sweet.

these little rituals passed from one generation to the next are so sweet.... good that u enjoy them

it was so sweet of imp to wait for u to finish before sleeping

she is a darling :)

Surbhi said...

Awww... Cho chweet! What a doll!
Thanks so much for doing this for your li'l girl and thanks to your Mom for setting a precedent. Though this ritual is not followed at our place, I know this (and/or other similar rituals) is done only for sons and never for daughters.

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweetoo post. Kissesh to Imp. She is her mom's little soldier.

vandana said...

First time to your blog...and just loved it ...not just this post which is so touching but the blog as a whole..and got some more good links as well :-)

Imp's Mom said...

@monika: never gave a thought to these rituals till I became a mum...funny how life is nah... :)

@Surbhi: really?? only the boys, but aren't the girls children too?

@solio: :-) yes she is very much my lil soldier..

@vandana: Welcome to my space and thank you !!

Iya said...

aww..such a sweet post..
all the 3 things u have mentioned touched my sweet..
god bless Imp!!

Imp's Mom said...

Hi Iya, welcome to my space :) and thank you for your warm wishes!

Mampi said...

Such a lovely post.
You have such a personal toy in dear little Imp.
My love to her.

Imp's Mom said...

awww...mampi thank you :)