Saturday, April 19, 2008

Better late than never!

Tagged by GoodDay Sunshine, so here goes....

Eight things I am passionate about:

1. My Family: They drive me crazy, they keep me grounded, my biggest critics, they have me tearing my hair apart but heck just cant live without them and I tried to ...didn't succeed. :) My daughter is my reason for living..
2. Music: My saviour, my sole friend in time of dire need, be it distress or enjoyment
3. Dancing: My passion!
4. Reading: My fav pas time, I can read anything black and white and color!
5. Blogging: Of late I'm bordering on obsessive compulsive disorder where I'm reading, making drafts and not publishing them. Getting to know what a writers block is all about
6. My Space: VErry possessive about it...I have to be able to do my own thing, i go crazy otherwise
7. Swimming: wish I had the time to do more..gotta teach my kiddo too :)
8. Eating: I love to eat and hate to cook. I'm the reluctant cook, will avoid it given half a chance

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1. Para gliding
2. Snorkeling
3. Send my parents on a Europe trip, all expenses paid
4. A Honda CRV
5. Buy a beach house
6. Adopt a child
7. Learn Martial Arts(gonna join soon)
8. Travel the world

Eight things I say often:

1. Yeah right!
2. oh hell
3. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. I love you!!
5. who's my baby..who's my princess
6. Came across your resume, are you looking for a new job?
7. Will send you the profiles soon!!
8. Oh God!!!!!!!!!Sigh!!!

Eight books I have read recently:

1. One night @ the call center - Chetan Bhagat
2. Many Lives Many Masters - Dr. Brian Weiss
3. The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time - Mark Haddon
4. The No.1 ladies detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith
5. Orbit: John Nace
6. The Husband: Dean Koontz
7. What to expect when you are pregnant
8. What to expect the first year

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

1. Inxs: AfterGLow
2. Hoobastank:The Reason
3. Temptations: Mygirl
4. Extreme: More Than Words
5. Dido: White Flag
6. U2: With or Without you
7. Sting: Fields of Gold
8. Duran Duran : Come Undone
9. Robbie William: /something Stupid
9. Pink Floyd -
Another Brick In The Wall / Coming Back to Life
10. The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
11. John Lennon: Imagine
12. Lobo: I'd love you to want me / Me and U and a dog named Boo
*asking me to come up with only eight is pure torture

Eight things that attract me to my friends:

1. I'm their sounding board, they come looking to me for advise and they get it. I don't say what they want to hear, tell them what i feel and the rest is up to them.
2. I'm honest and straight forward,
3. I don't whine and don't crib
4. I'm a good friend, they rely on me and know I am always there
5. Fun: Ready to go out at a moments notice, Of course these days a hard what with my kiddo and me in a diff town
6. Not Judgmental: I don't make judgments about my friends decisions, about their way of life. I would not be their friend if our wavelengths didn't match in the first place.
7. Manners: I'm not rude, blunt yes, there is a difference. What you say the way you say makes a lot of difference
8. Humor/Wit

Eight people I think should do this tag:
1. Indian Home Maker
2. Priyanka
3. Emaan's Mum
4. Roop
5. Raji
6. Megh
7. Santosh
and anybody else who fancies this tag :)


Indian Home Maker said...

... enjoyed reading your list,
My Space is very important to me also, Blogging has become a total addiction, I have a huge number of unpublished drafts too!I love Lobo, anything by Lobo...

Roop Rai said...

u want to do a Honda CRV before u die? :P own one u mean? I drove it for two years and husband was looking into buying one but I shan't buy it again.... got bored and tired of it.

shall do this list now albeit i wont be as good as you. it's fab that u know urself so well!! :) lemme see what i can do.

Imp's Mom said...

@IHM: :) looking to read your list too, I'm sure it will be interesting :)

@Roop: lol yup own one :) oh believe me it ain't easy doing one of these know your self tags, took me a lot of days to get it done :)

gooddaysunshine said...

Thanks for doing this!! I love your taste in music!! You know what you must post more pics of your kiddo!!

Indian Home Maker said...


Swati said...

Nice list..nice blog:)

Imp's Mom said...

gooddaysunshine and Swati thank you :)

Thought sorely tempted I'm a little worried about putting up the pics!

meghna mohan said...

:) hey... thanks for dropping by. i wanted to compile some interesting things and chanced upon your blog when i was searching for ideas! before i could leave a comment - my internet gave up on me! so sorry. I love your blog btw... awesome.. :)