Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Burday Cake and its moments

Hey Everybody!

First off, a small confession to my mum I'm getting addicted to this blog. Its simply too much fun!

I had great fun on my burday too. Mum being t
he meanie she is insisted on dropping me off to school. but she is forgiven cause all my friends sang for me :D I was in seventh heaven. Distributed baby apples and chaklis; instead of sandwiches and choclates, delighting the teachers (my mum is the only one who seems to send healthy snacks). Kept singing Happy Burday for the whole week. Anybody who called on the mobiles or the land line had to first talk to me and wish me, so what if my burday was over!

I got really cool gifts too. Nana and Nani got me loads of dresses and shoes. Mama got me the cute doggie and mum got me touch and feel books. I totally love them. And how can I forget the cake! It was simply delicious. Strawberry Rice cake, was yummmm..the cherries on it were better. We went out for dinner, and I insisted on having more cherries, after I saw them in mum's drink. Then next day I got a bad throat thanks to the chilled cherries. I even got to wear a ring, which was given to my mum by her great grand dad.

Yet to go to the orphanage though. We can go only on a sunday, since all the children will be in school during the week. And ever since my burday, sundays have been packed what with my maushi coming over and attending function. They better take me there soon..

All in all it was an awesome day week. Next year mum has promised me a Chocolate Rice Cake :)


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww nice to hear from the celebrity himself :D

Mystic Margarita said...

Great to know you enjoyed your birthday so much, Babbai. The cake looks yummy! And **pssssst** I think you're gonna outsine your mom in blogging - but don't tell her so! :)

Priyanka said...

Happy Burday Imp ! Sounds like you had a blast !!

Rajeshwari said...

I wish I could be there.. next year perhaps :)

Monika said...

belated happy bday

Mampi said...

Oye, Imp you are back? Get your own blog yaar, you are old enough.
Great to know you had a blast of a time, May God bless you with more such years and more such moments.

Imp's Mom said...

chandini aunty: I'm a GIRL! :P

margarita aunty: thank you, I so know I'm a better blogger :D

priyanka aunty: yup I had a blast :)

Imp's Mom said...

raji mausi: next year it is :)

monika aunty: thank you:)

mampi aunty: did'nt I tell you mum's a meanie, she wont let me get my own blog...hrmph.. and thank you so much for your wonderful wishes :)

Swati said...

Happy Birthday sweetie :)

Lovely header:)

Santosh said...

Hellos Imp !

You go to playschool now and learning new things, Its time you tell your mom she is stupid and that she cant even spell Burday correctly on the cake.. tell her it can either be BURDAY as you spell it or BIRTHDAY as the whole world spells it... If space was a problem... she should have ordered a bigger cake :D What say !!!!!

Imp's Mom said...

swati aunty: thank you:)

santosh uncle: Not is mean.. uncle! If she had got a bigger cake, I would have eaten only that for days. I only got to eat my cake for 2 days :(

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