Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love Ladder - Crowd becomes Knight in Shining Armour

Hi,I am Geeta Mishra, 25, from Mumbai, South. I'm going through a rough patch lately.

I had been going around with a guy since 5 years but had a break-up in March his year. It had been from both sides. But now the thing is I'm unable to cope up with the break up. I realize this is since my relationship had been for a long time.... Read more here

"Hi, My name is Protima, 26/F from Mumbai. Other than that, I choose to be anonymous. I'm not really troubled. I just have a simple question. And I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to go about it. I'm having an affair with a guy and carrying on with him. We work in the same office.... Read more here

2 ladies, with problems in love, both resolved now with the help of fellow bloggers on Love Ladder.

The "love Ladder" concept is simple :

It's all about YOU.

YOU seek advice / help by asking a personal question on the blog. The friendly readers and visitors to this blog answer your query and advice you on how to go about getting rid of the problem you face. Everybody single mindedly tries to help you MOVE UP the ladder of happiness and love.

Anybody can ask and everybody can answer. No bars held.

In simple terms - You get practical answers, advices and support from the people of this world.

EVERYONE who visits this blog is invited to ASK their question (one question at one time only) or advice / suggest and help.

EVERYONE who visits this blog is invited to answer / advice / suggest / help the one who asks for it.

So, either CLICK HERE here to send your gist and the question to me.... or

write it out in the the FORM provided below for publishing it online.

What's in it for me you ask? The satisfaction that I was able to help in my small little way. Enjoy !!

Contact Love Ladder:


Sakshi said...

U and Andy are partners now?? sobs..sobs...

ARUNA said...

hey Jyoti......many happy returns of the day!!!!!!!

workhard said...

Hey.. thats really nice of u guys.. im sure it has helped people and will continue to help who need it.. Good luck guys :)

Imp's Mom said...

Oh sakshi come on now, no need to cry.. I'm still with u guys when we need to gang up! :D

Aww... Thanks a bunch Aruna, sweet you remembered! :-)

thanks Sara! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow this is an interesting concept Imp's Mom
...though I think one is better of not giving too much personal information.

And many Happy returns of the day Gemini!!

Anand said...
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Anand said...

Hey Indian home maker... U dont have to reveal your identity. We r chilled on that part.

That's the basic concept. To take advice from complete strangers. They r bound to tell u the right thing simply cuz they dont know u and therefore have no preset bias against u, u c??

Cmn now..tell us ur woe. Hee

Imp's Mom said...

hey IHM, thank you :-) you can rest easy lady, as Anand says, personal details are not given out... take a look at the site and you will know :)

Hey Anand, you wish me the world? aww...thanks a bunch :-)

Monika said...

interesting but do u think this really works....

Imp's Mom said...

hey monika, check out the posts esp the comments, it did help them :)

Aparna said...

It is your birthday on June 5th?! Dumb me! Forgetful me...stupid me!!!
Sorry Sorry Sorry!!
Belated birthday wishes!!!

Imp's Mom said...

haha Apar!! Its okai gurl... Thanks for your wishes :)