Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And so it has begun...

Last Friday I reached home to a note from her school " Please collect your child's report card on Monday."

WTF!!! A frigging report card??!!! My daughter is getting a Pass or Fail grade in play school? Incredulous, stupefied and stunned. And shouldn't it read as a progress report? I don't like the pass and fail concept and then what would she be graded on? will she pass..heck I knew she would..but yet..damn I hated the waiting.

Finally Monday arrived and I came home to her Report Card. And to say I was floored is an understatement.

It was 2 huge files; one with all the work that she has done in school; all her paintings, her craft work, her scribbles from when she learnt to hold the pencil to sticking activities, to her homework, and all of them with the date. Its a huge thick file. The second one, with laminated sheets held together with a cutesy purple (incidentally her fav color) ribbon. This is like an index or rather a syllabus, with all the activities she has been introduced too, has mastered and is currently working on. Its exhaustive. And yes, it is titled the "Progress Report". And it is complete with pictures. And the last page is the comments by the teacher with a class pic at an outing they had.

I have no complaints. And now I know why my kiddo loves her school so much, she has way too much fun there...the coming 2 months are going to be harrowing for both of us. I just hope we don't tear our hair out in frustration.

It was such a refreshing change to not see the A - F grading system. And so happy that that I was right in choosing this school. The extended family can be such a nuisance at times, wondering why a toddler needs Montessori training and not to mention the fees. Looking at her files, everything was just so worth it. My only grouse is that the Government on India does not recognize the Montessori method, it believes only in the traditional one. Children would be so much happier in this method. The learning system is just amazing here. And of course, they would just love math.

I don't know where she is going to be 3 years from now, I have decided to not get hyper about it. I know most parents, rather the mothers know where their child will be going too, but I'm not getting into it now, gonna save myself the heartache and decide when its time for her.

My only wish, is that she enjoys it as much as she does now.


Anonymous said...

Hugs to you and to little Imp. She will do fine with a mother who has her fundas so clear. I am totally with you here - I also prefer a system that keeps learning fun for children - our regular schools put a fear of learning in a child's mind. And rote learning is worse!

I find International Baccalaureate - Primary Years Diploma Proggramme wonderful... only thing is finding a school that has staff trained in the IB way for facilitating learning.

Take a look here if you find it interesting,

Monika said...

aawww that was so nice to hear, it must have been so touchy to see

one of my friends told me that at the end of her playschool session in US the school gave them a CD containing some pics and videos of the things she did there... i can just imagine how it would have felt.

and I know what u mean by taking it easy... enjoy as it comes

hugs to her and u

ARUNA said...

So lil one is making mama proud already!!!!

Anonymous said...

A big polar bear hug to imp and her mom. My niece enjoys her school a lot..she is getting to learn so much. Glad your girl enjoys going to school and this experience will help her once she enters the big school.
I sincerely agree with you that Indians don't appreciate the efforts done by the playschool, one look at fees and thye go like OMG.
Good luck always. WIshes and my sincere blessings to the dear imp. God bless you two.

Imp's Mom said...

@IHM: Hugs back :))

Thanks for the gonna chk it rite now:) ur a storehouse of info ihm :)

Imp's Mom said...

Oh Monika, I was gushing... couldn't get enough ..actually had to keep the file inside to file it away later :)

Imp's Mom said...

yea Aruna, she is! Now if only the same behavior extended at home too, would be bliss :))

Imp's Mom said...

hey Mahak, welcome to my space:)

A big huggy rite back at u :)) and ur so right abt Indians not appreciating the play schools...its a really good base. But I also think the main reason is cuz most come frm joint families..where the child never ever got bored. Unlike in Nuclear families now.

Best to occupy the child's mind than let it loiter around. :)

vishesh said...

my sis studied in Montessori till 4th..the system is pretty good I guess :) lots and lots of fun :)

Imp's Mom said...

hey vishesh, welcome to my space :)

true... Montessori learning with a lot of fun and zero stress.

How do we know said...

yes, i get a folder from his school every month too :-) its cute.. except that his folder from home is so much thicker.. at the moment, i m just overwhelmed... :-)

Iya said...

nice new blog look..

hugs to mommy and little imp..

growing up already!!

Imp's Mom said...

@how do we know: it is cute and overwhelming..i have no idea what I'm going to do with all her stuff... :))

@Iya: thank you! hugs back :)) yes we are growing up and too fast!

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeks... I so so hate report cards since the days of my very own KG days. can still remember the look on each and every member of the family when it said something like *needs to learn how to sit in one place and concentrate on how not to be naughty*

I love the CD's they give out here which is full of photos of what the kids did in class throughout the year.

So Impy is a star in class na?

Imp's Mom said...

Sakshi: Welcome back! :P. U get CD's with pics ...damn I want those too.. I am gonna get a CD but only of the annual day function. rest of the pics I gotta buy @ 100 a piece. hmph.