Sunday, May 4, 2008

The 30Q Tag

Helped myself to this tag from IndianHomeMaker

Last Movie You Saw In A Theater:
Sunday on DVD, don't go to the theater. Ever since I got preg, the loud volume just irritates me to no end.

What Book Are You Reading:
None at the moment. Would love to get my hands on :The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Bannerjee and The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie

Favorite Board Game:
Scrabble. Pictionary. Haven't played it for ages, though have played Literati. Thank god for internet!

Favorite Magazine:
Readers Digest.

Favorite Smells:
the smell of wet earth, my kiddo, pickle when its being prepared. coffee brewing and cake baking in the oven

Favorite Sound:
birds chirping outside my window in the mornings, daughters laughter-her squealing in delight, wind chimes, and at times.. silence

Worst Feeling In The World:
Helplessness. The feeling that you’ve been cheated and you can do nothing about it.

What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake?
what’s the time...where is my mobile?

Favorite Fast Food Place:
Pani puri chat at Kormangala(forget the name of the place)
Koshy's Omelette's and club sandwich
Corner House - Death By Chocolate
Indra Bhavan's - Pulliyogre, Bisse Bele Bath, Idli vada sambar and Masala Dosa.

Future Child’s Name:
Will get there when it comes..

Finish This Statement. “If I Had A Lot Of Money I’d…”
Buy a house, a car, travel around the world and still have some left over!

Do You Drive Fast?
Been there and done that!

Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?
Nope!! Have my daughter by my side :))

Storms-Cool Or Scary?
Absolutely Cool! Love Storms.

What Was Your First Car?
My dad’s Ambi. Learnt to drive in an ambi (driving school. my dad was the ever strict and complaining teacher who believed "If you can drive an ambi you can drive any car")

Favorite Drink:
Fresh Lime Soda, Chilled Rooh Afzah without milk.
Vodka, Wine when I get the chance.

Finish This Statement, “If I Had The Time I Would …..”
Catch up on my Sleep!

Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?
Yes, though I don’t like it. Its healthy and children follow their parents, so if I want my kiddo to eat right I have to too!

If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Colour, What Would Be Your Choice?
Probably Burgundy! Don't like the extra maintenance that comes with colored hair, and so my hair is naturally black!

Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In.
Mysore and Bangalore

Favorite Sports To Watch:
Figure/Ice Skating

One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:
IndianHomeMaker: Love the way she writes. And am amazed and thrilled at discovering the same likes and dislikes through the tags :)

What’s Under Your Bed?
my daughters toys which she loves to play catch. She throws and I'm supposed to get them.

Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?
Yes. with some minor changes.

Morning Person Or Night Owl?
Both I think. Love the stillness of the night, it has a separate identity of its own. like ways early mornings, watching the sun rise, its peaceful and calming.

Over Easy or Sunny Side Up?

Favorite Place To Relax:
My room.

Favorite Pie:
Chocolate Pie! Or anything with chocolate.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

You pass this tag to –
Whoever feels like doing it. But do come back an let me know :)

Of All The People You Tagged This To, Who’s Most Likely To Respond First?
haven't tagged any, lets see if anybody does it :P


Indian Home Maker said...

I also LOVE storms! And loud volumes annoy me too (except while dancing). I love the smell of coffee brewing too...I also must find The Enchantress of Florence.
Reading these tags is such fun! Tags really do help us know our blogging friends! We are blogging friends because we have so much in common, even if we only find that out after reading these tags:)

Jyoti said...

IHM: AMEN! and OMG!! I love loud vol only while dancing too :D and to think some people crib about them tags!

Santosh said...

Ok I pick this TAG too :-) But! But But ! i will post this only when you get me the promised job :-)

Cheers~ :-)

Jyoti said...

santosh :P lets finish the first tag first and then the second will follow.. :-)

satya_eee1 said...

The smell of wet earth, loving storms.... what an idea !!! May be, these are the ones which keep one a cut above the rest...