Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Period Revolution!

The Pandora's Box is open.

I'm sure when thought room wrote her tale on periods she never expected this kind of a reaction. I don't like leaving mini posts as comments so did my own. And that was it. Till the mad momma hopped on to the band wagon. Literally! the stats shot up and so did the related posts.

While Clueless and Chandini are with us on the crazy traditions, Lavs has the totally opposite perspective. And Mamma of twins just itching to write had to pen her thoughts down too.

Here's Neha and Tamil Punkster views

Roop-The one person who never heard of such "crazy" customs and traditions.

And here's La Vida Loca's Menstrual Maladies

A great summation by Radical Ancient

note: will add more as and when I come across them.

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