Thursday, June 12, 2008

SOS to all book lovers and readers...

A friend is in dire need. His father's birthday is coming up and would like to gift him a few of the below books. And he would like to gift the most recommended book. The list has been compiled by his father :)

So please help with your recommendations ...
  1. Fermat's Last Theorem - Simon Singh
  2. The Code Book - Simon Singh
  3. A beautiful mind - Sylvia Nasar
  4. The Man who loved only numbers - Paul Hoffman
  5. The Victorian Internet - Tom Standage
  6. Fingerprints - Colin Beaven
  7. Can Reindeer fly? - Roger Highfield
  8. Mendeleyev's Dream - Paul Strathern
  9. Snowball earth - Gabrielle Walker
  10. The fifth miracle - Paul Davies
  11. Strange beauty - George Jonson
  12. The Cogwheel Brain - Doron Swade
  13. The making of the atomic bomb - Richard Rhodes
  14. Chaos - James Gleick
  15. Flatland - Edwin. A. Abbott
  16. A Mathematician's apology - G. H. Hardy
  17. Our final century - Martin Rees
  18. The surgeon of Crowthrone - Simon Winchester
  19. The Pahntom Tollboth - Norton Juster
  20. Roses In December - M. C. Chagla
  21. Artificial Intellegence and Natural man - Margaret. A. Boden
  22. Dimensions of creativity - Margaret. A. Boden
  23. The Philosophy of Artificial Life - Margaret. A. Boden
  24. Swami Rama - Swami Ajaya
  25. The Traditions of The Himalyan Masters - Pandit Rajamani Tigumant
  26. The Emperor's New Mind - Roger Penrose
  27. Theories of Everything - Joh. D. Barrow
  28. Don't You Have time to Think - Richard Feynman
  29. Narrative - Fredrick Douglars
  30. Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro - Samuel Ringold Ward
  31. The Fugitive Blacksmith - J. W. C. Pennigton

Muchas Gracias!


Suki said...

Oh my god... I'm lost. The only one I've heard of(and read) is "A beautiful mind", and I highly recommend it - although it's NOT easy, either mathematically or emotionally.

Rajeshwari said...

What a shame!! I have not read any of this :(

Santoz said...

Yeah!!! My dadddy strongest :-)

I am just gonna go ahead and buy any 5 at random ;-) thanks for help.

Aakhir kahin toh kuch kaam aayi tu :-) >hint hint<

Anonymous said...

Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less.
By Jeffery Archer

Indian Home Maker said...

Only one I have heard of (and seen the movie with the same name)is A Beautiful Mind.
But I think 'Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro' (if it is about slavery) might be worth reading too.

Sukla M C said...

@Santoz : I guess u r the one in need of help...
Thanks to you, I got a wonderful list of Books

How about you just take ur dad out for shopping (Window shopping for the record) ...

First make a note of the TOP book(S) he notices/LIKES...

SURPRISE him... that u actually got him there to buy books

Or even tell him and take him
(even if there is no element of surprise, I am sure he will be DOUBLY glad for the time together and the BOOKS)

meghna mohan said...

Guess what :) A Beautiful Mind is the downright winner, given it is the only book everyone I know, including me, has read!

La vida Loca said...

East of Eden
Pillars of the earth
dont know who wrote these..supposedly very good

Mystic Margarita said...

The only book I have read the Fifth Miracle - it is a good read and I liked it. The only other one I heard of is, of course, A Beautiful Mind - haven't read the book, though. Just seen the movie.

Indian Home Maker said...


Imp's Mom said...

thanks all for your suggestions :)

Manpreet said...

Well, now that fathers day is gone and you dont need the suggestion anymore, I take the advantage to paste them in my "yet to read" list with one or two exceptions.