Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In a lighter vein...

Hi Everybody,

I'm the imp and this is a guest post on my mothers blog. I wanted to know why she spends so much time on the stupid laptop that I'm not allowed to touch, but whose scroll mouse I totally love. My mum is so serious, she needs to take things lightly, I don't know why she keeps getting harassed for no reason. I'm growing up, I'm naturally curios and naturally naughty. So what if I,

1. Love to apply powder to the bed and the floor. Thank god for the poor quality checks at the manufacturing plant, else the powder would not come out with the seal on.
2. Love to apply cream, on everybody's face and hands. And of course the floor and furniture also.
3. I'm very good at sweeping, dusting and swabbing. But my mum and nani don't let me. They always disturb me when I take the broom from the maid and don't let her sweep the floor.
4. I love to rip apart my mum's wallet. It is in tatters, the clip is broken and its absolutely amazing when I hold it upside down and everything falls down.
5. I love to do everything on my own, except sleeping.
6. My nani is very upset that I have spoiled her precious kitchen cabinets. Since I couldn't open them, I would keep playing with teh knobs, and now they are so loose and one has fallen off and cant be opened. The best part I learned to open the cabinets and take out everything :D
7. I can finally open the fridge too, cant wait to empty out everything, but right now its just fun to shut the door real hard. I hope mum does not find that key she was looking for to lock the fridge.
8. Sleep is such a total waste of time. I cant wait to start day care, dunno why mum is taking so long to decide. Total spoiler.
9. Thank God for the mudiya's that nani keeps at home, else how would I climb to get my creams and powders. So now mum keeps them at the very end of the table, but pretty soon I will reach there too..
10. My mum's mobile is my own. Nobody else can receive calls or make them, or sms. Mum is a sweetheart, she downloaded the Pappu dance number so that I can listen to it all the time. Too bad for her its also her ringing tone, I'm sure she is going to change it soon.
11. Shah Rukh Khan is the ultimate.
12. I like to listen and watch only the songs and no boring numbers for me, they have to be the latest numbers. The teddy's on 9xM are too cute.
13. Every paper has to be read by me first. Every book that mum brings from the library has to be shown to me first.
14. Every time my nana or mama come home, I have to have to get a ride in the car, through the drive way, till they park it for the night.
15. I have to wave goodbye to them from the gate. Else I do not eat and get very very upset.
16. No clips, pins or rubber bands for my hair. And my mum is not cutting my hair ever again! She does not pin up her hair so why should I?
17. I love to walk barefoot all around especially outside and land up getting bit by various insects and rashes, yet as my mum wonders when will I ever learn.
18. I hate to stop playing to go for a bath and create a huge ruckus when I have to get out also :P
19. When we go out, I love to try the loos there. Okay, so one time I went 3 times in a span of 15 min, just so I could check out the bathroom. It was a new place. And for no reason mum just lost her temper and refused to take me again. Thank god for nana, he is such a doll, can twist him around my finger..(even though he calls me miss drama)
20. I don't like to eat the same food twice in a week. I want something new, if momma cant give it to me, then I'd rather go hungry than eat the same drabby stuff.
21. I love to look at snaps, esp the old B&W ones, my nani has kept them in such good condition, she is worried that I will spoil them as They are my property now and nobody has the right to touch them or any of the other old snaps.

phew! I'm tired. And I'm going to sleep now. And if there is something I have forgotten I'm sure my mum will let you all know.

Please tell momma to take a chill pill! Please .... Pretty please..

Until next time
Bye everybody.


Monika said...

that was so sweet... felt like giving her one big tight hug :)

Mampi said...

dEaR ImP
while everything is legal and done, number 6 is especially and totally in tune. My two kids by turns did the same antic and after my son grew sick of twisting and turning these door and cabinet knobs, and lost interest in them; even we lost them somewhere in some corner of the house and now most of the cabinet doors have those beautiful little screws showing up, of course sans the knobs...
Stay in touch, write more dear IMP.
Love you,
Lots of hugs

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Loved this.....:) Give your imp a hug for me.


Am blogrolling you!

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL I am in splits, this is so cute! The Imp's has proved that she is a true to heart Imp. Delightful post :))
She hasn't found any lipsticks yet?
Oh yes Shahrukh has some magic with kids, my son wore his shirt unbuttoned to dress like Mr Khan. The rides in the car, not eating if goodbye is not waved - she must be such fun, and don't they know how to keep mommies busy!
Love and Hugz to curly headed Imp.

Santosh said...

Super Duper JO ! I was smiling all the way and hoped the list would never end :o)

If the internet and blog pages exsist say 10-15 years from now, Mahika will have a rollicking time readin this one and showing-off to her friends or Boy friend (?) :p


Imp's Mom said...

monica: Welcome, yea it is sweet while reading :P passed on your hug..

mampi: that is what my mum is worried about, us loosing the knobs after she has so carefully taken care of the cabinets for more than 10 years :P

corinne: Welcome and Thank you for the blog roll..

Imp's Mom said...

IHM: the name suits her to the "T", my mischievous little fairy :D.. she has her eye on the lipsticks but the cream and powder bottles are way too distracting so I'm hoping i have a few more weeks before they are destroyed too...

Santosh: believe me the list is not over, i missed many simply cause I didn't remember and time shortage... I'm secretly hoping that she will have a good time reading this blog...I'm gonna have to do whatever it takes to keep these pages...

Anonymous said...

Oh Imp! not you too...Shah Rukh?! What does he have over kids like you and A? :)
You are so cute...*hug* Your mom loves all that you do, and she will keep doing what all moms do -stress. You will understand in times to come :D

Mystic Margarita said...

That's just too cute! :) LOL! Toddlers - they are a separate species altogether! Btw, something for you on my blog! :)

Imp's Mom said...

myheadtrip: SRK is god...he is everywhere, the ads in papers, tv and hoardings...

mystic margarita: :) coming right over...

Anonymous said...

This was lovely! You should let Imp do more posts more often :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know for A too...he wants SRK's car, his biscuits,what not.... and wants me to call "Him" ;) so that he can talk.

Priyanka said...

Oh imp, you are really so adorable! I can't wait for my lil one to do all these amazing things ;)

Anonymous said...

Love you Imp :)

Imp's Mom said...

@myheadtrip: Oh Dear!! we haven't reached that stage yet.... thankfully :)

@Priyanka: it will be delightful at first, then you will be harried too :P

@raji mausi, love you too, till we meet again *hugs* :) and don't give me the line that u r too busy with work :P

RS said...

LOVED IT!!! :-D Suuperb! Wonder what her reaction would be when she read it :-)

by the way-Got here through Santosh's blog.

Imp's Mom said...

@rs: Welcome! hopefully she will have a good laugh :)

Imp's Mom said...

@girl: I will ;) and welcome :)

Angel_From_Heaven said...

Like Mum, Like Daughter.. It is choooo sweet.. just loved it.. could actually imagine her doing all of it..

Imp's Mom said...

luv u anna :)