Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nana ki chamchi kaun?


I have to sit on his lap when he has his breakfast. Lunch and dinner he is excused, simply because I fall asleep in mum's godi when they are all eating. I eat from his plate. He drops me to school, and he has to pick me up. Even if mum comes, I always ask for him. Thanks to me he is home on time...no early for lunch. I can never have enough of the car rides.

Mum says I have changed a lot. Grown taller, isn't that supposed to happen? All the new clothes I got for my b'day are very close to becoming small.

I totally love my day care now...can't miss it even for a day. So much so that mum has become to dread the weekends, that she used to enjoy so much. Ha! Like it makes a difference to me :P

Since I can climb up and down the stair by myself without holding on to anything or anybody, I run out the house as soon as I am up and have to be dragged screaming back inside.

I used to hate getting my feet dirty, wouldn't walk barefoot on the grass & the drive way, wouldn't enter the sand pit and insist on my feet being cleaned immediately at school. Now I can go barefoot everywhere. I love the feel of sand, dirt, concrete, tarred road and the mushy wet grass.

I have even begun to let mommy tie my hair up in a pony tail and yes, they are pulled off as soon as nana picks my up after school.

Love ringa-ringa roses, nani teri morni ke and ba ba black sheep... but the movie songs are still my fav. Mama has become very smart these days. He usually used to channel surf, always moving one level up now he just jumps to the channel he wants to watch. Simply because if any music channel comes on, he cannot watch anything else.. see ...I taught him to something which even mum and nani could not get him to do!

Rules of the house are as follows:

1. Anytime nana or mama come home in the car, I have to get a ride from the gate till they park the car.
2. Any time they leave, I still have to say bye and watch the car drive away.
3. No body can leave without kissing me good bye.
4. I will eat what you are eating, so you better watch out, if you do now want me to eat something, cause it ain't gonna happen if I see the forbidden food on your plate!
5. When mum's mobile rings I have to find it and give it to mum, never mind that by the time I get it, it stops ringing.
6. anytime you take a pic of me, you better show me that photo that very instant.
7. When I am around, mum should stay away from the laptop.
8. If mama is working on the comp and I need to watch my rhymes, he has to move the instant he is asked to.
9. I supervise the cleaning at home. Even show the maid how it is to be done. I do the same in nana's office too.
10. I decide the footwear I will wear.

11. Once I have gone to sleep, mum has one hour as her buffer time, she better come to bed then, I don't cry that much.

We went to Bangalore for a week, few days back and attended so many weddings. I met so many of my cousins, uncles and aunts. I was so confused! I just remembered the babies. And the car would play all my fav songs.. I got some wonderful gifts too. Santosh Mama gave me this cool Nursery Rhymes CD set. We also went to the supermarket with Pria didi and Raji mausi. Of course since mum was carrying me all the way there, Raji mausi was carrying her purse and I was making sure that she didn't run away with it. I found this cute baby doll there and sweet Raji mausi bought it for me. That of course made me really happy. I was really grumpy cause nana left me alone with mum and total strangers in a strange place and went away. Mama happened to be nearby, came to cheer me up for a few minutes cause nana told him I was really upset.

The baby doll is my baby. I feed it, apply cream, and even make the baby go su-su.. The 4 CD's are M.I.N.E. It was given to me and are mine alone. No body has the right to touch them. I can play with them as I please. After seeing them like a hundred times, I play catch with them, love to see the light reflect off them and they should always be near me.

I'm a big girl now, and I have to eat by my self. Rice, curds, dosa, idli, fruits.... aappi aappi. I'd love to cook it too only meanie mum does not allow me near the gas. But I stilllike to be carried by mum and nana. I love to see the moon and stars and go looking for them even during the day.

I'm also speaking words and picking them up really fast, but all say that ki main thoda tutlati hun... mum and nana are not worried but mama and nani are and they are planning to take me to dr. jag...lets see how that goes..

And did I tell you...I absolutely love footwear. Not just mine, but everybody's at home. I'm always wearing mum's and nani's sandals (which has a in a real tizzy cause mum wears her's all the time :P ) I don't spare nana and mama's shoes too. I can very easily identify their clothes and footwear, something mum and nani have not been able to do so ever!

Happy Christmas and New Year's in advance everybody. Mum is planning to take me to the club here, hopefully we will have a blast and not trouble her by staying in her godi all the time, like I did at the weddings. But they should have good music playing. Else there will be trouble in paradise !

Muah! Byeeeeeee.....


~nm said...

She sounds so utterly cute!!

Anonymous said...

Little imp...you are too cute!! Perfect friend for me...
Seriously let us get together...
I will share my toys with you if you share your CDs with me :D
Amma told me she is taking me on a train, but still has not booked tickets :(
Can you say Czechoslovakia? Amma & everybody bug me still when the ad comes on..these adults I say!! When will they learn na? -A

Cuckoo said...

So adorable! Completely cute :) Go on gal, love your shoes, they soon become real close pals!!

Happy new year to your mum and you... may 2009 be smashing in every way and shower every kind of happiness on all of you!

Indian Home Maker said...

Imp's growing up !!! This made a delightful, adorable read. Can picture the doll being taken good care of! Lol @ the CDs are M.I.N.E. :)

Imp's Mom said...

@nm aunty: thank you, :-)

@A: really we should get together, if only our mum's put their head together, we just might :) done deal toys and cd's!

@cuckoo aunty: thank you for your warm wishes..may you and button have a great new year too :)

@ihm aunty: I learned to take care of small babies by watching at school...I'm a fast learner :)

Serendipity said...

Im not ready to be an aunty yet :)

how cute is this post!

Pinku said...

loved it!!!

wish you would post a pic of the lil darling!!!

Both of you have a fun filled New Year!!!

Pinku said...

loved it!!!

wish you would post a pic of the lil darling!!!

Both of you have a fun filled New Year!!!

Imp's Mom said...

@serendipity didi: can i call u didi? :) all my posts are cute didi, just might cheer u up a bit...mom does not admit but my guest posts are the most popular ones :P

@pinku aunty: my mum is most paranoid.... thank you and wish you the same too :)

Suki said...

Big kala teeka to you, li'l Imp! :)

Anonymous said...

Li'l Imp...do tell your mum that she has been tagged here :
thank you! & kisses to you!

Santosh said...

Hello Dear Imp - For one , you write so much more better than your mommy, Her earlier blog was so passe and this one totally rocks !

Also it so good to see that you are open to feedback and positive critisim, thats a nice quality you are imbibing, Why else will you change my title from Uncle to Mama within hours of me cribbing about it to you like a typical grown up.

surely that CD set is Y.O.U.R.S and do what you want you with it, Do you know that you can also use it as Frisbee disk ? Or the sudarshan Chakra as god Krishna has it. Or u can just hold it and use it as a cool mirror too :o)

Also you have done well in putting the fear of god in your mom to stay away from the laptop when you are around! I have seen how she scoots off from chatting with people the moment you arrive somewhere near her ! So HighFive !!!

When are you coming back to Blore by the way?

Lots a love -
Uncle Santosh :o)

PS> temme something, Wasnt the CD set much better than the baby doll??

Imp's Mom said...

@ suki aunty: :-)

@ aparna aunty: will do! :)

Imp's Mom said...

@ santosh mama: Thank you :D feedback esp.. praise is always welcome :D and i don't like being criticized and if it something i can change i do :P

I do use the cd as my sudarshan chakra, use all 4 together...the frisbee and the mirror...good idea!

Me coming to b'lore is all left to mum, she will not take me in the train, cause then she will have to trail behind me all the time, so only when nana decides to get the car will I be there in bangalore... sad nah...

and in the mean time if u are in mysore, drop in :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my... !

I guess... damn.. I am speechless.. I mean.. I was beginning to identify with lil imp being a single child and all... I was thinking of a polite wa y to tell you how that child feels ... cause you are her mother and no mother would like a outsiders advice...

but i never knew she had such a loving family all around... no wonder... she truly is blessed...

I cant stop thinking about my own childhood and wishing that maybe things would have been different...man....

You are such a wonderful mother !!! I wish I had a mother like you... You know as long as I remember since i was a kid.. and even today.. whenever I used to get a star on my notebook by the teacher.. or when i get a commendation or a medal now.. I kept all of that.. safely..that sumday sumone would care and I would show them what samby has been doing all his life..sumone to take active interest in my memories.. yes I have all those notebuks today to lying in a corner in my room back at home... opened only when I get there.. to add sumthing new...

oh man... this is almost making me cry....

You dnt know how lil imp would love you for doing this for her.. imagine.. a blog full of her experiences... !!! I lov eyou for what your doing for your lil one.. !!

Seriosly maa'm..You rock... Best mooma ever award :)

so much more to say.. but then this is a happy post..and my fingers are paining...

Give that lil imp a hug from me ..:)

and once again... keep doing this for your child..your doing such a great jobb!!!


Imp's Mom said...

@samby uncle: a big huggy and kissy to you...and there are lots of more posts like this, if u ever get the time to read them :P but don't cry ok... I don't like to see anybody cry..promise!

hey samby, u'v left me totally speechless and in tears...t'row when she gets to know the truth, I want her to look back and realize that she is living with people who love her, who cherish her..she might hate me or she might not...but she has to know that I do not think she is a mistake or that she messed up my life...never want her to feel that..this blog is just my way of letting her know how much she means to me, how important she is to me... and pls do give me that advice.. send me that email when you get the time..

Amrutha said...

You have been awarded! Check it out on my blog...

Anonymous said...

ohh dnt worry when she finds out..she will surely respect all that u have been doing for her...



Imp's Mom said...

@Amrutha: Thanks so much for the award .. :)

@samby: hope so:)

Indian Home Maker said...

And now look what Santa has left for you on my blog here :)

Imp's Mom said...

IHM, Thank you :)

Monika said...

awwww.... she is so adorable...

imp, next u come to blore u tell mama that u want to meet monika auntie and ojas :)

Imp's Mom said...

@monika aunty: will definitely do so! :)

Anonymous said...

Imp waiting to meet you again :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Moved.. with that tiny lump in my throat :)

Hats off to you little imp :) You're a really smart and clever girl, now, aren't you :)

God Bless!

Imp's Mom said...

Thank you Usha Aunty :)

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