Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too much Love?

Chubby cheeks and rabbit teeth, that is my imp. Just like her mama. And like him, her cheeks too get pulled and kissed by every tom, dick and harry. Till I got rude and pointedly told people - relatives, friends and total stranger to stop. Wasn't easy being rude, but it was getting out of hand with one aunt waiting to bite her cheeks.

Today whenever she wants to show her love and affection towards anybody, she pulls their cheeks and plants a kiss on the cheek, to adults and children alike. She loves kids, all are babies to her, irrespective of their age. She wants to hold them, kiss them, hug them... wants her mum to carry them. That is the one time that does not mind not being in my godi. Unlike other children who get possessive of their mothers when they carry or touch other kids, mine just loves it and wants me to carry them and cries when the kid is returned to the mother.

In her school, there are 3 kids younger to her. A 6 month, a 8 month and a year old kid. All with chubby cheeks. She is nuts about them. Always hugging and kissing them. The 1 year old took the longest time to adjust in the school and he is her fav. She is always running after him to hug and kiss him. Last week he kept running scared form her and she kept trying to pull him. She finally yanked him and planted a kiss on his cheek, only with her teeth, forming an "O" the front 4 teeth. Since the teachers know her affection for the younger ones, it was handled with explanation as to how she had hurt the kid. Since the child stays there till 6 pm, the mark had vanished withhte help of ice and the parents were not worried.

Yesterday, she does the same thing again, only harder, a perfect round. Deep dark red line. Thank fully no blood. And this time the teacher, hit her on her lips lightly, scolding her. All she wanted to do was kiss the child and again she was strong. I was least amused by imp's actions. The teacher was consoling me saying that its a small issue, bigger things happen with kids in a kiddie school. And the fact that they know she is nuts about babies esp. him! And this time his parents were not amused either. I know I would have been very upset too. Tomorrow I apologize to them, even if I have to reach early, cause I missed them today. And gave a bottle of Entrops at school, that will surely help.

My prayer is that she does not become a bully. That little boy is so scared of her or rather her affection. And everyday I'm going to hope I get no complaints about her.


Santosh said...


Will write a comment when i stop laughing :o)

Mampi said...

Bully ?? !!
Oh my God.
Your mummy worries have finally started, hehehe. Wait till she brings home complaints... Just scaring you.
Not to worry, it just shows she is simply too too affectionate.
Lots of love to the little imp and 'dont worry' msg to her mom.

Aparna said...

Aww...that is cute of her to be affectionate. Just have to let her know what the boundaries are :) Of course she is not a bully!!

Don't you worry!! :D

Anonymous said...

Don't worry maa'm... Children of single parents never are bullies... they grow up a lil fast I guess.. Look at me..I turned out just fine...

So will she... I guess even better...cause I dnt think she is gonna be a shy one like me...

Lots of love to her..:)


Indian Home Maker said...

Imp's Mom With you so concerned and involved she'll never be a bully :) She hasn't seen anyone younger at home, where everyone is delighted to get their cheeks pulled!
My kids also have always been very fond of younger kids I think babies makes them feel BIG !

Imp's Mom said...

@ santosh: yeah..yeah i know :D

@Mampi: :) yea mommy worries have arrived!

@Aparna: boundaries is exactly what I've been trying to teach her...

Imp's Mom said...

@samby: really? well they do grow up fast though...and she is s shy kid, only once she has interacted and seen u does she attempt to talk or even smile... thanks for the hope, and pls don't call me ma'am, I'm not that old :P

@IHM: That makes so much sense..now that i think about it she is more fascinated by kids younger to her :)

~nm said...

Aww..she is just so sweet. I think you just need to tell her again and again that she just needs to be a little soft in showing her affection. Tell her or even show her how it hurts when someone kisses you like that. My son would bite me too when he would get too excited. I started biting him back although not as hard as he did but hard enough for him to feel the pain. And after 5-6 bites he realised and stopped biting me.

Maybe I'm thinking overboard, but if she keeps getting scolded for kissing someone, she might feel bad and stop doing it altogether.

Cuckoo said...

i am sure imp will grow ouy of it! worry noy :)

Doli said...

Hehehhe :) really funny your imp is.. Dont worry I dont think she is a bully yet.. that's her way of being affectionate i guess

Imp's Mom said...

@nm: I'm definitely going to try that,my first two attempts at it failed, I simply couldn't get myself to bite her that hard, so that it would hurt her, even if it was just to teach her...

@cuckoo: fingers crossed :)

@doli: yea it is...too affectionate :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe.. Hello Maa'm.. LOL.. no I dod not mean to offend you by calling you maa'm.. Its kind of a army hangover.. Colonial Hangover.. We call every one Maa'm... I mean the females.. :D

Mampi said...

Please accept an Honest Blogger Award from my blog.
I would deem it my pleasure if you do.

Imp's Mom said...

@thearmyguy: I know and no offence taken... :)

@mampi: Aww... thanks :) the pleasure is all mine lady :)

uma kumar said...

my son too (who is 1 yr and 5 months) love to kiss girl children..he runs after them...sometimes he manages to do .he doesnot mind boys at all.

so jokingly.. i was telling a friend the other day...about this ....I dont need to worry about "orientations" when he grows as an adult
what do u say
about being paranoid...i think the moment we become mothers...we start becoming paranoid...
cant help being paranoid and gulity

Imp's Mom said...

@uma: lol... imp loves to kiss babies irrespective of their gender (at least so far :P)and u are so right about being paranoid and the guilt! the guilt I could write a whole post on it, I already did on the paranoia :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Oh dont worry:) She will certainly not become a bully :) she is too affectionate for that!!

In time when these instantaneous and spontaneous urges reduce, a bit, it will be slobbery kiss, and not a toothy one :)

God Bless the imp, and her mom :)

Imp's Mom said...

@ Usha: Thank god for that....she has not tried this again..everyday I send her to school saying no biting today, with her dutifully nodding her head in agreement.. :P lol...

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