Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mockery Of Death

Its been 6 days since the death of Benazir Bhutto. And still there no questions are being raised about who killed her,forget the answers. The Pak govt. is concerned only about how she died. Repeated news footage make it clear that she died of a gun shot wound and not due to a fractured skull. The Interior Ministry is only interested in covering its ass, they failed in their job of providing adequate security. No postmortem was conducted. Why? One can only guess! And the govt says that they will exhume her body to conduct the postmortem. How ridiculous! Do they have no respect for the dead and the departed?

My condolences with the family through the tiring time. May her soul rest in peace. She was a brave charismatic leader and will be missed.


Santosh said...

Not that i have any special affection for Benazir when she was alive, but still i am disgusted with how people from every establishment are playing with her death for personal gains. Its makes you feel Humanity is not a word anymore !

And i think the very reason why all such theories are being floated about how she died is precisely to divert attention from who dunn it !

BTW, did you read the latest, some PPP chap is claiming she died not from the skull fracture, not from a bullet or from a bomb, but by some Laser ray shot on her !

wonder how many more to come !

Jyoti said...

Yea Santosh, Humanity does not exist in Politics.

And it looks like they will keep coming out with theories till they finally decide on the most logical one as they are not going to solve this case. That is the only way they will get mileage out of this. Another personal gain!

Its truly disgusting.