Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Shame Mumbai Shame

Mumbai was considered a safe city in the night for women to travel. Now it seems to be going the Delhi way. Mob molests 2 women on New Years day in Mumbai

But is only the mob responsible? What was the need to go out for a walk so late in the night. If you are dressed in a certain way, it becomes your responsibility to make sure you stay away from sensitive areas. Don't get me wrong, I wear western dresses too, but that does not mean I will go for a walk after a new years party (which will no doubt end late) as there
obviously will be groups of people roaming the streets drunk and high, making merry. And its only inviting trouble.

All the drunken mob saw were 2 women walking towards Juhu Beach. It wouldn't have mattered if they were fully covered and from the looks of the photograph they were not wearing revealing clothes. A sad and a traumatic beginning for the 2 women and their families.


Santosh said...

I swear ! and to claim that mumbai is one of the safest cities for ladies ! Eh ?

But, you really think its not the mobs fault totally? and the ladies have to share a part of the blame?
I do not agree with that at all.

No matter how revealing or skimpily a girl is dressed does not give any guy a right to take her for granted ! it is just sick mob mentality and cowards who did that. most of the guys in that crowd would not know how to react if a skimpily dressed gal comes up to him on a normal day when he is alone. Its just the confidence that they have when they were a part of the mob that did those poor gals !

Hope they have a better year ahead of them !

Cheers ! and A happy new year to you btw :-)

Jyoti said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the first in the line to fight that every woman has a right to dress the way she wants. And no guy has the right to take her for granted. When this is followed, it will be my perfect world.

But reality is different. Is it not one's responsibility to take precautions? Yes you can argue that what has to happen will happen, but that does not mean that we should not be careful.

One of the reasons mobs get violent/brash/loose control/ is only because numbers increase their confidence to behave as they see fit. any thing can go wrong to a person who becomes their target.
And when they are drunk it can get horribly worse.

If it were me attending a party, I definitely would not have gone for a walk to Juhu beach in the night(irrespective of the attire & yes I have partied). There is not a city in India where, during new years you do not have groups of drunk people roaming the streets at night.

I just think that to a certain extent one should take precautions, as you do not want to be sorry after. You don't what to "what if" later.

And yes I hope they are able to walk out of this traumatic experience soon. Looking at the photographs put up on HT, one of the women had mehendi on her hands & I'm assuming that they were recently married.

I hope they have a better year too!

Rajiv Parikh said...

Sorry Jyoti, I understand what you are saying, but I can't agree with you. These mobs show a lack of respect for women, and in turn, themselves. Women should be able to wake around late at night - to Juhu beach - and not be afraid of idiotic men.

Your argument is a slippery slope. What is attractive to one person is trouble to another. One person's idea of a dangerous is another's idea of safe.

The men who participated or watched this happen should be punished severely. That is the only way to stop the madness. The govt also bears responsibility for a lack of safety. They should know that New Years is a time to deploy more forces.

Overall, the fault lies with those responsible and should bear an incredible and lifelong price.

the mad momma said...

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