Saturday, March 29, 2008

About Me

31. Gemini. Single Mum to the most beautiful angel.

Full time mum part time recruitment consultant. All me time is my blog time, very rare at the moment.

Friends describe me as passionate, trustworthy, lovable, they turn to me for advice on work, relationships..

My experiences as a single first time mum, daughter and sister find their rest here.
I used to take things at face value, big mistake i realise now..but better late than never..Starting LIFE Afresh, after a 360 degree turn.

Uncle Jag (UJ) will also have prominent mention here. He is a holistic doctor, healer, chiropractor who is practically family. His treatment involves essential oils, yoga and diet. I do not know what I would do without him. We(my family and me) are his ardent followers, simply because we have seen results where English and homeopathy medicines have failed.

This space is dedicated to my daughter, my life my joy my mischievous little fairy. The rest of the things are thrown in for some equal measure.

At the moment this is an annon blog, contemplating to change that. Sill undecided.

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Devaki said...

Hi Imp's mom,

IndianHomemaker pointed me to your site. (I blog at

Loved the blog, and totally in awe of your spirit! You are one courageous and positive woman, aren't you?

Your writing style is nice too, you can be sure I'll keep visiting!