Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holi Hai!

Apprehensive. Excited. Curios. Just before the Holika Puja. Wondering how my angel will react. Will she get scared, or will she enjoy. Or will she Cling?

Every year the puja is held close to midnight, this time the time given was between 8:30pm and 9:30 pm. Suitable time, given that there is no way I could have taken her after she had slept. Its been pre-decided ever since we moved away from our joint family, to gather at one place for Holi. It really is no fun to do this puja all by your self otherwise, is there?

So we met at the appointed hour, performed the puja,and not a squeak from Angel. She was totally engrossed, taking in the new sightings. Keenly observing what we were all up to. Doing Jai when the fire was lit. Once the puja is over, we greet our elders and seek their blessings, wishing them "Happy Holi", exchange sugar cane and apply gulal. Only after we have wished each other do we start playing. In all this Angel too started wishing everybody, doing Jai and of course collecting and not exchanging Sugarcane. Everybody applied gulal tika and she enjoyed it.

Happily posed for photographs and didn't want to leave with no signs of sleep in sight. I was immensely surprised that she was happily mingling with my cousins whom she did not remember, as the last they had seen her was easily 6-8 months back. She has been a clingy child and to see her on her own enjoying was a real delight. She played with her older cousins, was perturbed with color on my face or my bro's. Only the first time when the color was applied on my bro's face was she taken aback for a sec, and then she was very matter of fact about the whole thing.

This holi has been very special. It was Angel's first holi, technically second as she was just 5 months old at the last one.

Happy Holi Everybody! Can't wait for the next year, to see how she will play with all of us.


Indian Home Maker said...

It must have been so exiting to see her enjoying herself! I think it's the children who love Holi the most. As she grows older she will discover the joy of water balloons,to the horror of all the adults around:)
..I love it when everybody meets at one place for Holi. When my kids were young we always went to this club, where we played till lunch and had biryani and raita for lunch over there, before coming back home.
How about posting one of her Holi photographs?

J said...

This is one festival which brings out the child even in adults..and im sure when she starts throwing the water balloons, my uncles esp them will join her :P Cause it is them who always make us the targets :)

will put up her pic soon :)